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Japan's car industry
Supra is the result of a Toyota-BMW tie-up

Is time running out for Japan's car industry?

The land of the rising sun once led the car world but looks to have stalled. We ask whether a new dawn await Japan’s car makers

15 December 2019
Cowley factory
Rover and BMW developed the new Mini; it was built in its then little-known Cowley factory

How Mini's Cowley factory came into existence

The first example of a Mini Adventure, the maker's well-known ad line, took place inside its Oxford plant. We tell the story

15 December 2019
10-millionth Mini to Lego House
The ten-millionth Mini arrives at Lego House

To Denmark by Mini: Driving the 10-millionth Mini to Lego HQ

To mark the milestone, we drive the great Brit to a great Dane built on a similar ethos of ingenious, fun design

14 December 2019

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