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Dyson's electric car - our vision of what it will be like

Dyson promises its first car will not be a 'me-too' EV. It will be bold, radical and different. So what, exactly, will it be like?

22 October 2017
Thinking up car names can be a difficult business

The name game: how big brands name their new models

A name can make or break a new car model - so how do firms go about picking them? We meet an expert in car naming to find out

22 October 2017
Our Ford leads the pack, channelling its GT40 predecessor

Ford GT vs Radical RXC Turbo vs Porsche 911 GT3 RS: supercar battle

Is life on the road tolerable in a converted competition thoroughbred or a track-ready sports car? We find out

21 October 2017

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