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Ford Focus 2018
Eagle-eyed Autocar reader Geoff Watson spotted Focus test cars in Lapland

2018 Ford Focus: new pictures of upcoming Astra rival

Overall dimensions look unchanged, but a longer wheelbase should provide more rear leg room; it'll come with three- and four-cylinder engines

16 January 2018
BMW i8
The first-generation i8 Roadster, on sale soon, could be the last

BMW i3 and i8 might not be replaced

BMW i's new strategy will kick-start with the launch of an iX3 in 2020

16 January 2018
Opinion: Why Mercedes-AMG needs the V8 in an electric future
AMG is famous for its V8 models, such as the C63 S Coupé

Opinion: Why Mercedes-AMG needs the V8 in an electric future

A switch to zero-emissions propulsion is inevitable, even for a brand like AMG. But it needn't spell the end of the bent-eight motor

16 January 2018

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Stelvio Quadrifoglio
The Stelvio Quadrifoglio is one of the fastest SUVs on sale
Having disrupted the sports saloon sector with the brilliant Giulia Quadrifoglio, Alfa Romeo has now turned its attention to the high-performance SUV segment.
Autocar's car of the year 2017
What is the best driver's car you can buy in Britain today? We took 11 mighty machines to Castle Combe for a feature-length showdown
Toyota Hilux
Three challenges, two cars, one quarry: we pitch the legendary Tamiya Bruiser radio controlled car against its life-size counterpart - the Toyota Hilux Bruiser
Polo GTI video review
Available with a DSG paddleshift automatic and VW's latest digital instruments and infotainment technology, is the new Polo GTI better than the Fiesta ST? We find out