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Land Rover LCV2/3 at British Motor Museum, Gaydon
Use of aluminium for the chassis saved weight

The reinvented Land Rover Defender that never was

Resurrecting Land Rover’s icon is nothing new, as we discovered when we met the man behind the 1997 LCV2/3

22 September 2019
Rimac poses with his C_Two, for which the writing is on the wall

How Croatian supercar firm Rimac is shaping the future of fast cars

Mate Rimac describes the first hypercar his firm created as "an electric car built by petrolheads", but even the 1888bhp follow-up is only part of the story

22 September 2019
Audi S7 vs Alpina D5 S vs Mercedes-Benz CLS 400d 4Matic
Oil sleek: Which of these oil-burning wafters provides the best all-round package?

Hot diesel saloon showdown: Audi vs Alpina vs Mercedes

Audi’s rakish S7 Sportback delivers 516lb ft of oil-burning punch and long-legged cruising. So do the Mercedes CLS and Alpina D5

21 September 2019

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