Ferrari Roma silver 1

Opinion: The Roma shows Ferrari doesn't need SUVs to be unpredictable

The Maranello firm is trying to become less predictable – and its new coupé shows how it can do that without reinventing the wheel

by James Attwood
14 November 2019
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Dutch GP 1985
The last Dutch GP was in 1985. But it's back on for 2020

Opinion: Less is more when it comes to F1 coverage

Too many races spoil the broth as televisions become oversaturated and individual events lose their shine

by Autocar
13 November 2019
Mercedes Marco Polo camper van front

Supercar or camper van: which one belongs in your dream garage?

The answer isn't quite as simple as you might think...

by Jim Holder
12 November 2019
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Jaguar Vision GT concept
Coming to a screen near you soon: Jaguar’s Vision GT

Matt Prior: Jaguar's virtual concept car is great, but it should be a reality

Jaguar's Vision GT has 1006 bhp and does 0-62mph in under 2 seconds on the PlayStation. Now let's see it come to life

by Matt Prior
8 November 2019
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Lewis Hamilton celebrates his sixth world title

Is Lewis Hamilton the greatest British sportsman of all time?

A sixth world title doesn't just extend Hamilton's championship tally, but puts him among the all-time sporting greats of any era

by Jim Holder
4 November 2019
Elan badge

Opinion: A reborn Elan could drive in a new era for Lotus

Reviving the Elan plays to company's strengths in making chassises and the famous Elan brand name. With it on the way, Lotus's future looks bright

by Steve Cropley
4 November 2019
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Mercedes C63 render
Next-gen C63 will replace a V8 with a four-pot hybrid

Matt Prior: Bigger isn't always better when it comes to 'performance' cars

The traditional performance vehicle is powerful but heavy. Lighter, more agile alternatives are the way to go

by Matt Prior
1 November 2019
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Ellesmere Port
Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port, which falls under PSA Group's empire

Why Fiat Chrysler and PSA Group are merging

The need to meet ever-stricter EU CO2 targets means super mergers like that of PSA and FCA will become more common

by Mark Tisshaw
31 October 2019
London to Brighton Veteran Car Run - crowds
The annual Veteran Car Run takes place on Sunday

Racing lines: Not being competitive at the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

Though not an official race, this tradition can sometimes feel like one - especially if you're driving with Irvine Laidlaw

by Damien Smith
31 October 2019
Skoda umbrella in door
One of Skoda's 'simply clever' features is doors which conceal umbrellas

Opinion: why Skoda is looking to start-ups for 'simply clever' new ideas

The Czech firm is proud of the practical features hidden in its cars – and it's trying to find new ones for the digital age

by James Attwood
30 October 2019
BMW on wet road
BMW E46 M3 CSL is Prior and Calo's favourite M car

Matt Prior: The one thing missing from the M3 CSL? A manual gearbox

The Beamer's standard transmission is a shuffling nightmare, but subbing in a manual lets the M3 shine

by Matt Prior
25 October 2019
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Mk8 VW Golf

Opinion: The new Golf showcases the power of now

Eighth-generation Golf isn't as future-orientated as the ID 3, but this is to the new car's advantage

by James Attwood
24 October 2019
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