Tata Nano
Nano: a car with a great future behind it

Matt Prior: Whatever happened to the Tata Nano?

In 2009, our man backed the wee Tata to conquer the future. Little did he know...

by Matt Prior
17 January 2020
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F1 crowds

Racing lines: F1 pulls in the public; car makers? Not so much

With Honda only contracted to Red Bull till 2021, and Renault's future equally shaky, the fate of manufacturers on the grids is uncertain

by Damien Smith
16 January 2020
Ionity chargers

Opinion: Why allowing EV owners to ‘roam’ could drive take-up

Ability to top up at any public charging point under just one service would be game-changing and a big help in popularising EVs

by James Attwood
14 January 2020
Toyota Aygo render
Toyota’s plan for a next-gen Aygo (imagined by Autocar above) bucks the trend of panning city cars

Matt Prior: Not a prediction about the A segment's future

Automotive trends are becoming trickier to follow, so all bets are off on the lot of the city car

by Matt Prior
10 January 2020
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Alice Powell
Powell won the final race of the 2019 W Series at Brands

Racing lines: Autocar meets... Alice Powell

Five years ago, Alice Powell's racing career was fading. Now the all-female W Series has thrown her a lifeline. We sit down for a chat

by Damien Smith
9 January 2020
Luca de Meo with Seat Ibiza model

Opinion: Seat owes recent successes to ex-CEO Luca de Meo

Spanish firm's charismatic ex-boss is largely responsible for fun-loving brand image and improved profits

by Julian Rendell
8 January 2020
Kia e-Niro

Opinion: the UK car industry's 2021 Brexit timebomb

Post-Brexit, UK car sellers will have to hit average emissions targets based on domestic sales alone - or face massive fines

by Jim Holder
6 January 2020
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Hamilton, Leclerc and Verstappen
Verstappen and Leclerc will aim to dethrone Hamilton this year

Racing lines: Why 2020 will be a gold year for motorsport

From Hamilton's pursuit of a record-equalling seventh F1 championship to World Rally thrills, this year should be a classic for racing

by Damien Smith
3 January 2020
Noble M600
Turns out the Noble M600 wasn’t a bogey car after all…

Matt Prior: On the nobility of cleanness

As we turn into a new year, everyone's favourite car columnist ponders the pleasures of beginning afresh

by Matt Prior
3 January 2020
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Bloodhound LSR
Bloodhound LSR hit 628mph in the South African desert

Racing lines: Bloodhound LSR run fires rockets and hearts

Watching the record-bidding vehicle tick off milestones ahead of breaking the 800mph barrier is inspiring - and the target is in sight

by Damien Smith
2 January 2020
Electric supercharger
Electric superchargers are becoming more common as a way to kill lag and help emissions

Under the skin: Why electric superchargers are gaining ground

Cutting out turbo lag is a big reason that Audi and other manufacturers introduced the new tech

by Jesse Crosse
30 December 2019
Porsche 911
Our testers get through more tyres than choccy Digestives these days

Matt Prior: Fast & Furious is good, tyre-shredding fun - if you've got the rubber to spare

Latest FF film shoots for thrills and succeeds, but real life heavy driving takes a toll

by Matt Prior
20 December 2019
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