Rockingham Motor Speedway
Rockingham hosted the CART World Series in 2001

Opinion: The rise and fall of Rockingham Motor Speedway

The £70 million circuit brought American-style oval racing to Britain in 2001, but its future now looks bleak

by James Attwood
17 August 2018
Milan Red hypercar
Is the 1325bhp Milan Red hypercar just a Photoshop fantasy?

Matt Prior: Are some proposed hypercars just Photoshop fantasy?

This week, Prior explains why he finds it hard to believe bold claims of super car makers

by Matt Prior
17 August 2018
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Fernando Alonso to leave Formula 1
Alonso is leaving F1 after 17 years

Should Fernando Alonso be considered an F1 great?

Spaniard is leaving F1 with two championships and 32 race wins – but he has the talent to have achieved even more

by James Attwood
15 August 2018
Formula 1
Aston Martin Vantage
Aston is adept at helping customers with colour choices

Buying a car: so many options, so little imagination

This week, Matt Prior discusses the issue of having too many options when buying your new car

by Matt Prior
10 August 2018
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Tesla Model 3

Tesla is idea rich, time poor

Although Tesla has plenty of ideas, it doesn't appear to have the infrastructure to put them into practice just yet

by Hilton Holloway
10 August 2018
Having fallen in love with the 105 series, Yousuf searched the classifieds...

Why an 18-year-old bought a 1972 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Yousuf Ashraf found a 90bhp Giulia Super 1.3 hidden away in Italy; after buying it for £10k, he shipped it home and completed the restoration

by Autocar
9 August 2018
Used garage
Range Rover Velar

Why Jaguar Land Rover is putting investment ahead of profits

The days of leaping sales have given way to slowing demand, with significant sums being invested in the new MLA platform, the I-Pace and a new Slovakian factory

by Hilton Holloway
6 August 2018
Daniel Ricciardo Renault
Daniel Ricciardo will jump from Red Bull to Renault next year

Why Ricciardo's Renault switch could be an inspired move

The Australian's move from race-winning Red Bull to the struggling Renault team is a big gamble. But it could be one worth taking

by James Attwood
3 August 2018
Formula 1
Apollo IE
Apollo’s hypercar turns heads, but can it open wallets?

Matt Prior's column: how to run a small car company

This week, our Matt Prior discusses the topic of small car manufacturers and how so many get it wrong

by Matt Prior
3 August 2018
Goodwood Festival of Speed
Next-generation Vauxhall Corsa
Next-generation Vauxhall Corsa undergoes testing

PSA plans for a better Vauxhall Corsa

A smarter, more contemporary cabin would be high on the list, alongside better ride and handling

by Matt Saunders
3 August 2018
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