1995 McRae
Motorsport news

Remembering Colin McRae, 25 years after he became Britain’s first WRC champ

Rapid, spectacular, iconic – just some of the many ways to describe McRae as he came to define a generation

23 November 2020
Porsche 911 RSR - front
Motorsport news

Why IMSA (and Porsche) will bounce back from withdrawal

The former has strong roots in the US, too strong to let it permanently slip away, while Porsche is known for its resilience

20 November 2020
WRC Hungary
Mikkelsen won Rally Hungary in a Skoda Fabia Rally2
Motorsport news

Opinion: Mikkelsen is the man who the WRC forgot

The Norwegian rally driver has had a choppy career, but he's again proved his talent

20 November 2020
It’s that time of year again, so turn on your foglights…
Tester’s notes

Matt Prior: Are foglights a waste of light?

If you can see enough to do 80mph, you don't need them. If you need them, you shouldn't be driving fast

20 November 2020
DTM hopes to attract a “wide variety of brands” from 2021
Motorsport news

Racing lines: Why DTM is muscling in on GT3

Germany’s premier racing series is ditching obsolete touring cars

19 November 2020
Mike Duff PHEV
Technology news

Opinion: my Skoda Superb was a zeitgeist new car purchase

On the day the government announced its 2030 ban on petrol and diesel cars, one man arrives home with his new plug-in hybrid

18 November 2020
ICE ban
Electric cars

The UK's 2030 petrol and diesel ban: Autocar’s response

While we enthusiastically welcome the electric age, there are aspects of the government's 2030 combustion ban that must be addressed

18 November 2020
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Suzuki Ignis - side
New cars

Steve Cropley: We need a Suzuki Ignis Appreciation Society

The Ignis is a special car that doesn't get the credit it deserves

18 November 2020
Lewis Hamilton F1 Drivers' Champion 2020
Motorsport news

Opinion: Why it should be 'Sir Lewis' for seven-time F1 champ

He's a controversial figure, but having won seven world titles, more and more people are calling for Hamilton to be knighted

17 November 2020
Subaru rally car
Motor shows

How the Cotswolds gave a fleeting but brilliant return to forest rallying

South England’s first special-stage club rally since March goes down a storm

13 November 2020
Lewis Hamilton
Statistics reflect talent in Hamilton’s case, reckons Prior
Tester’s notes

Matt Prior: Is Hamilton the greatest? Of course he is

While it's obviously impossible to compare between eras, it's also impossible not to acknowledge Lewis's talent

13 November 2020
2020 BMW iX
New cars

Could the BMW iX could become a future design icon?

History looks kindly on cars that do things differently, so don't judge this controversially styled SUV too soon

11 November 2020



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Track days
You will see motley assortments of cars at most track days
Motorsport news

Why your first post-lockdown drive should be a track day

22 November 2020

First drives

Volkswagen Golf 1.0 TSI Life
First Drive

Volkswagen Golf 1.0 TSI 2020 UK review

24 November 2020