Best lease deals of the week: Activity cars

Grab one of these go-anywhere explorers while you can and head out on an off-road adventure

24 February 2021
Electric cars

How safe are electric cars?

Batteries and high-voltage electrical systems can pose a fire risk - but in reality, EVs are just as safe as other cars

10 February 2021
Electric cars

How to maintain and service your electric car

Contrary to assumptions, EVs should be cheaper and easier to look after than ICE cars

9 February 2021
Electric cars

Top 10 EVs with the longest range

Even some of the smallest super electric superminis can crack 200 miles now - here are the EVs that go the furthest distance

14 January 2021
Electric cars

Ten ways to improve your electric car’s range

From route planning to regenerative braking, these are our tips for getting the most out of your EV

12 January 2021
Electric cars

How to charge your electric car at home

Wallbox charger or smart charger? And how do you install your charger once you've chosen it? We answer all your questions about charging your EV at home

17 December 2020
Electric cars

What is the battery life of an electric car?

Should you be worried about your EV's range? Not if you pay close attention to our guide

4 December 2020
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Electric cars

What are the different types of electric car plugs?

Electric car chargers have to navigate at least five different plugs, which can be confusing, but not if you follow our guide

2 December 2020
Electric cars

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

Few topics are as - if you'll pardon the pun - charged as EV charging times. So what options are available, and how fast are they really?

30 November 2020
Jaguar I-Pace - front
Jaguar I-Pace – 4.5sec (0-60mph)
Electric cars

The fastest electric cars

Gone are the days when buying an EV meant pottering around in a Nissan Leaf. Now, EVs are proper speed machines, as these 12 cars show

27 November 2020



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