Jaguar I-Pace - front
Jaguar I-Pace – 4.5sec (0-60mph)

The fastest electric cars

Gone are the days when buying an EV meant pottering around in a Nissan Leaf. Now, EVs are proper speed machines, as these 12 cars show

27 November 2020
National grid batteries

How the National Grid will work with electric cars

Demand for electricity will increase as EV adoption grows, but those in charge of power delivery are prepared

25 November 2020
Best lease deals of the week: Under £250 a month

Best lease deals of the week: Under £250 a month

You can pick up a Ford Puma and even a Seat Leon for less than 250 big ones

18 November 2020
Charging EVs

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

The details surrounding EV charging and the cost involved are still hazy to some. We address the key questions here

17 November 2020
How to charge your EV

How to charge an electric car

Charging EVs can seem more confusing than refuelling petrol and diesel cars, but it's getting easier...

16 November 2020
Winter tyre

Winter tyres: should I buy them?

Everything you need to know about winter tyres, plus our guide to having a safe, hassle-free time on the roads during winter

11 November 2020
Pile of part-worn tyres

Are part-worn tyres safe?

We consider the pros and cons of part-worn tyres, and what to look out for

29 October 2020
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Engine oil
Different cars require different types of oil

What’s the best oil for my car?

Choosing the best oil for your car's engine can be tough, given the large number of options available. Our guide can help you make the right choice

30 September 2020
New tyres on display
Do your tyres need renewing? Make sure you're clued up with our comprehensive guide

Car tyres: everything you need to know

Your tyres are the only component of your car that actually touches the road, so make sure you know what state they're in

11 September 2020
Skoda Octavia vRS upside down on recovery truck

Everything you need to know about car insurance write-offs

An insurer can write off your car even after a light bump, and it pays to understand what the different categories mean. We explain all

1 September 2020



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