Buying cars

Company car tax bands 2021: everything you need to know

Autocar’s guide to the complicated world of benefit-in-kind tax, giving advice on what you will pay and why

19 August 2021
Buying cars

Best 10 cheapest cars to insure in 2021

Autocar's guide to the most bargain-basement new cars to insure in the UK

12 August 2021
Buying cars

Financing a new car: which way is best for you?

There’s plenty to consider when buying a new car. We look at the alternatives to paying with hard cash

10 August 2021
Car maintenance

Drivers told to book MOTs early a year on from Covid-19 extension

Some 330,000 three-year-old cars will need test in addition to thousands of cars checked after extension ended

9 August 2021
Car maintenance

How to SORN your car

We explain each step of a simple process that could save you money and keep a car legal while it's off the road

4 August 2021

Best lease deals of the week: family hatchbacks

These hatchbacks cars are comfortable for the entire family and great to drive

4 August 2021
Electric cars

How to buy a used electric car

With EVs becoming ever more common, now is the time to start looking for a used EV. Here are our top tips

29 July 2021

Car tax: everything you need to know about vehicle excise duty

We help you figure out how much Vehicle Excise Duty you'll be paying on your new car, whether it's petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric

7 July 2021
Electric cars

Top 10 best electric cars for towing

Don't be put off buying an EV if you have a trailer or caravan to tow. These are the best for the job

21 May 2021
Electric cars

The fastest electric cars

Gone are the days when buying an EV meant pottering around in a Nissan Leaf. Now, EVs are proper speed machines, as these 12 cars show

14 May 2021