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The electric Mercedes G-Class, BYD's first pick-up and Ora's 395bhp sports saloon are among the headliners

The Beijing motor show has returned for the first time since 2018, bringing a whole host of exciting unveilings from some of the world's most renowned names - plus some radical challengers you might never have heard of before.

Mercedes-Benz has launched the new electric G-Class, the long-awaited Mini Aceman has made its public debut and the covers have come off the Volkswagen Tiguan-sized Smart #5, to name but a few.

Chinese firms are out in force, with a wave of electric and hybrid cars expected to arrive on UK soil in the coming years and months.

BYD is launching a new electric pick-up truck and GWM is be on the stands with the Ora 07, a swooping, saloon-shaped stablemate to the 03 hatchback

Stay tuned for all the latest from our team on the ground at the show.

Arcfox Alpha S5

Arcfox Alpha S5 at Beijing motor show – front

BAIC-owned electric car maker Arcfox has detailed its latest saloon, the Alpha S5, ahead of its public debut.

It’s based on an 800V electrical architecture and packs two motors – one on each axle – that output a combined 523bhp and 509lb ft of torque.

It’s claimed to dispatch the 0-62mph sprint in 3.7sec and it can drive 419 miles between charges, according to China’s CLTC test cycle.

Audi Q6 L E-tron

Audi Q6 L at Beijing motor show – front

The Q6 L E-tron is a China-specific derivative of Audi's posh new electric SUV. Its wheelbase has been stretched by 105mm to meet the market's demand for lots of leg room, yet it will still do 435 miles between charges, according to the CLTC test cycle. 

Audi Q6 E-tron brings 388 miles of range and up to 510bhp

BMW 4 Series facelift

BMW i4 facelift at Beijing motor show – front

BMW’s popular coupé has been refreshed with a host of technological upgrades, including new LED lights and the iDrive 8.5 infotainment system.

BMW 4 Series and i4 refreshed in new tech and design update

Buick Electra LT

Buick Electra LT at Beijing motor show

It has been a while since we Brits heard a peep out of American brand Buick, but it's surprising popular in China.

The striking new Electra T and Electra LT (the latter pictured) are its latest entrants in the market, utilising the General Motors Ultium platform that underpins the Chevrolet Blazer EV and GMC Hummer EV.

BYD Ocean M

BYD Ocean M at Beijing motor show

BYD’s rapid expansion continues with a new electric hot hatch to rival the Volkswagen ID 3 GTX. It’s based on an all-new platform with a single rear-mounted motor.

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Denza Z9 GT

Denza Z9 GT at Beijing motor show – front

The flagship model for BYD’s joint venture with Mercedes-Benz, the Denza Z9 GT, has been revealed in Chinese patent filings.

It gets a tri-motor powertrain that pushes up to 952bhp through all four wheels, positioning it as a rival to the Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Exeed E08

Exeed E08 at Beijing motor show

Chery-owned luxury brand Exeed’s entry into China’s burgeoning MPV segment will offer a range of battery-electric and range-extender powertrains.

It’s expected to major on in-car technology, swapping traditional side mirrors for cameras.


Fangchengbao Super 9 at Beijing motor show

Nascent BYD-owned brand Fangchengbao will show three new cars at the Beijing motor show: the Super 3 and Bao 8 SUVs and the striking Super 9 speedster.

All use electrified powertrains and have been designed by Wolfgang Egger, who penned the Alfa Romeo 8C.

BYD-owned Fangchengbao brings three new cars to Beijing show 

GWM Ora 07

Ora’s second UK model wears a swooping, retro-inspired shell that looks to have taken inspiration from both the Porsche Panamera and its smaller stablemate, the 03 (née Funky Cat).

It is expected to be offered with rear- or four-wheel drive, with up to 395bhp and 500lb ft for a 0-62mph time of 4.4sec. Electric range is not yet known, but in China - where it is sold as the Lighting Cat - it uses an 83kWh battery that delivers 373 miles of range.

GWM Ora 07 prototype drive

Honda Ye GT Concept

Honda Ye GT Concept at Beijing motor show – front

Honda has launched a new model line with its Chinese joint-venture partners, Dongfeng and GAC, aimed at making headway in the country.

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Called Ye, its flagship model is previewed by a sharp-edged, low-slung saloon focused on driver engagement.

A production version will go on sale in China next year.

Honda Ye P7 and S7

Honda Ye S7 at Beijing motor show – front

The first two arrivals from the Ye line-up are a pair of electric crossovers. They share the same underpinnings but are distinguished by their styling, with the S7 getting a three-pronged headlight design in line with the GT Concept.

Honda unwraps new Ye series of EVs, including sleek GT

iCar V23

iCar V23 at Beijing motor show – front

Chery's nascent iCar brand showed its second model, the V23. It's a battery-electric 4x4 aimed at young buyers, putting a futuristic twist on classic designs such as as the Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Land Rover Defender.

iCar X25

iCar X25 at Beijing motor show – front

Bolstering iCar's 4x4 line-up is a type of car we haven't seen since the Renault Scenic RX4 – an off-road MPV. Local media reports it has a range-extender powertrain.

Lamborghini Urus SE

Lamborghini Urus SE at Beijing motor show – front

Lamborghini’s bold and brash SUV has gone exclusively electrified with a new plug-in hybrid powertrain that puts out a muscular 789bhp. It’ll crack 0-62mph in 3.4sec and its 25.9kWh battery delivers an electric-only range of 37 miles.

Lamborghini Urus hybrid revealed as UK's most powerful ICE SUV

Lynk&Co 07

Lynk & Co 07 at Beijing motor show – front quarter

Geely-owned firm Lynk&Co's new plug-in hybrid saloon, the 07, has made its debut at the Beijing show. Local media reports that the quickest versions of the sleek four-door get a 1.5-litre petrol engine and two electric motors, combining to produce 585bhp.

Mazda EZ-6

Mazda EZ-6 at Beijing motor show

The Mazda 6 saloon was axed in the UK last year, but it lives on in spirit through the new EZ-6.

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Developed in collaboration with Chinese firm Changan, it will be offered with both plug-in-hybrid and battery-electric powertrains. Each is said to prioritise driving engagement, with 50:50 weight distribution and rear-wheel drive.

Mengshi M-Hunter

Mengshi M-Hunter at Beijing motor show – front quarter

Dongfeng’s armoured car division Mengshi is aiming to take a slice of the growing 4x4 market with an open-sided dune buggy. It’s targeting the luxury market, with a limited production run and an emphasis on customisation.

Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance

Mercedes-AMG GT PHEV at Beijing motor show – front quarter

The plug-in hybrid version of Mercedes-AMG’s new four-seat super-coupé will be Affalterbach’s sixth PHEV, armed with huge power and even more performance.

It gets the same engine as the top-rung, electrified SL roadster, which pairs a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 with a rear-mounted electric motor. The set-up gives combined outputs of 804bhp and 1047lb ft and pushes the car to 62mph in 2.9sec. Prices are expected to exceed £200,000.

Mercedes-AMG GT hybrid revealed as firm's quickest car yet

Mercedes-Benz G580 With EQ Technology

Mercedes G580 with EQ Technology at Beijing motor show – front

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The electric G-Class is promised by Mercedes to be the best, with four motors combining to deliver a huge 859lb ft of torque. It sits on a modified version of the combustion G’s ladder-frame chassis, with battery cells mounted directly into the frame in specially designed packs. 

Electric Mercedes G-Class revealed as quad-motor luxury 4x4


MG EXE181 at Beijing motor show – front

The EXE181 is MG's vision of an electric hypercar, emphasising aerodynamic performance with a sleek long-tailed body and a drag coefficient of just 0.18Cd. 

MG has yet to fully detail the EV, but its four electric motors are claimed to allow it to dispatch the 0-62mph sprint in just 1.9sec. That's as quick as the Rimac Nevera.

MG EXE181 concept previews Rimac-baiting electric hypercar

Mini Aceman

Mini Aceman at Beijing motor show – front

The Aceman completes Mini’s all-new line-up, bridging the gap between the Cooper and Countryman SUV. It's the first Mini not to offer a combustion engine and its two battery options provide ranges of 193 and 252 miles. Prices start at £31,800.

New Mini Aceman is electric Renault Clio rival

Smart #5 concept

Smart #5 Concept at Beijing motor show – front

Smart’s largest model to date is a Volvo XC40-sized electric crossover with a chunky, square profile.

It's understood to use the same SEA platform as its smaller siblings, the the #1 and #3, but upgraded to run on an 800V electrical architecture rather than the 400V used by those EVs. That brings a signifcant boost to charging speeds.

It will be unveiled in production form later this year, ahead of a UK launch in early 2025.

Smart #5 concept previews rapid-charging electric 4x4

Toyota bZ3X

Toyota bZ3X Beijing motor show

The Toyota bZ3X is a new five-seater that the Japanese firm has developed alongside GAC, its Chinese joint venture partner.

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The brand claims it prioritises space, driver comfort and safety, although no technical specifications have been officially detailed.

Inside, the bZ3X uses a minimalist interior which relegates most controls to a large infotainment touchscreen.

Toyota unwraps family-focused bZ3X at Beijing motor show

Volkswagen ID Code

Volkswagen ID Code at Beijing motor show – front

VW's latest concept car represents an about-turn in its strategy for China, gearing up to develop new EVs specifically for the region. The ID Code majors on upcoming technologies, including level-four autonomy and AI-backed infotainment functions.

Volkswagen rethinks EVs in China with bold ID Code concept

Zeekr Mix

Zeekr Mix at Beijing motor show – front

This or a Volkswagen ID Buzz? The five-seat Zeekr Mix will receive a battery developed in a partnership between CATL and Geely - likely the 86kWh pack used by the Zeekr 001 estate, which is equipped with 800V hardware for 360kW charging.

The Mix has been developed in tandem with the Smart #5 SUV, which will also be revealed at Beijing.

Zeekr unwraps Volkswagen ID Buzz rival

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Blackseries 21 April 2024

If the iCar X25 was a pure EV and available in RHD I would buy one in a heartbeat.

I feel the European (& US) car makers are stuck in a bit of a doom loop. We have to acknowledge that despite all its negatives when a one party state gets behind and idea and goes for it, capitalism  (let the market decide) doesn’t stand a chance.

With the variety of designs, sheer volumes and quality of EV's coming out of China at the moment is frightening, I wouldn't want to be a CEO of a European Manufacturer and especially a UK based one.

With zero government support – no carrot or stick – every changing rhetoric , the next 5 to 10 years are going to be very rocky.  

gavsmit 18 April 2024

For ages now, car magazines and websites have been promoting Chinese EVs as cheap and will therefore take over the whole market, but I can't see anything cheap in this list.

The cheapest EVs seem to be coming from Europe now, from the likes of Citroen and Dacia.

Even MG is obviously keen to start ramping up the prices and cash in on the MG heritage with the launch of the Cyberster.

I don't see spending a fortune on a Chinese EV as a wise investment; they seem to have jumped a few steps from what transformed Skoda, Hyundai and Kia from bargain basement to almost prestige makes (or at least having prestige prices).

jason_recliner 15 April 2024

Zeekr Mix looks great. If it is as comfy as it is roomy, it could be a really good daily driver.