Plenty will sneer at the idea of another US-built ‘One Ford’ SUV going on sale in Europe, but in the Edge’s case – just as with the Ford Kuga – they’ll be doing so undeservingly.

There are a few areas in which Ford could have done more to present a threat to the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz with this car, but that sentence says as much about the apparent capacities and ambitions of Ford right now as it does about the calibre of this car.

Spacious, refined and grown-up to drive, but still a tough sell

Ideally, Ford would have delivered a cabin of greater quality and handling that better spoke of its dynamic pedigree.

But the Edge feels like it’s within touching distance of being the best large SUV the company could realistically have made.

And it’s the gap between that idea and what the premium and specialist brands can offer for the money – cars superior not only on desirability but also in more measurable ways – that rules it out of the running for a top five ranking.