Last year was my tenth in the car scribbling and road testing business. Feels like a long time, although working somewhere like Autocar – alongside people who’ve been at it three- or four-times as long in some cases – you soon realise it isn’t.

But it felt like a long time this morning in particular, driving the Ford EcoSport. I don’t think I’ve driven a genuinely bad new car from Ford in those ten years.

There have been high points (current Fiesta, outgoing Mondeo, any Focus you care to mention) and not-so-high ones (current Ka, Fusion perhaps). Nothing poor, though. Didn’t think Ford was capable of it, to be honest.

I’ve certainly driven a bad Ford now. The EcoSport is easily the worst new Ford of the current crop, and may even be the weakest introduction the company has made in longer than a decade.