I've always been fascinated by the way some innocuous-looking cars manage to run up truly unfeasible mileages; there's no better tribute to the standards that modern cars are built to.

A couple of months ago I wrote about a current-shape Mondeo that had, somewhat improbably, covered 152,000 miles in just two years. Digging it up made me look around and realise just how many relatively youthful cars there out there with six-figure odo readings these days.

But now I've found a car that puts all of those in the shade. It's a previous-generation Mondeo LX TDCI 115 estate, wearing an '04' plate, and recently sold by BCA Auctions with an odometer owning up to a scarcely feasible 532,491 miles.

That's a distance, as BCA's press release helpfully points out, equivalent to having traveled to the moon and back, and then having driven around the world two and a quarter more times.

It also further than the 800,000km Mercedes W124 taxi that I tracked down in Berlin last year had covered during its 20 years of life - and the Ford has compressed all that distance into just a quarter of that time. In fact, it's averaged 300 miles a day every day since the plates were screwed on.