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New metal from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Porsche is on display in Detroit, kick-starting the year in style at the first major motor show of 2016

Refreshingly, none of the predicted themes of this year's Detroit Show came true.

Instead there was a complete surprise and it was a clutch of new coupes: half a dozen of them, all elegantly surfaced curves and sculpted flanks that made a nice change from the boxes-done-every-way of recent SUV-heavy years.

At first Detroit looked like being a forum for more VW bashing, but group chief Matthias Müller astutely reduced that likelihood a few days earlier at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (which is turning, more and more, into a car event) by doing some serial apologising. He was actually clapped, albeit a little uncertainly, when introduced at Detroit's first press conference on the Audi stand at 8.30, which took him rather by surprise.

Detroit 2016 batch 20194

Others predicted that the air would be full of plug-in hybrids - and it was - but the industry seems to have decided so unanimously that this technology is the correct one for the next few years (until batteries improve and hydrogen finally comes on song) that it's hardly news any more. Besides, as one daily organ pointed out, PHEVs aren't exactly flying out of the showrooms: of the 185,000 Pruises Toyota sold in the US last year, 4200 were plug-ins. We'll buy them when we need them, the buyer seems to be saying.

Undoubted star of the coupe show was the magnificent Buick Avista, a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 with such superb proportions and presence that it drew crowds all day. GM design chief Ed Welburn stood proudly beside it for what seemed hours, explaining its subtleties to the many rival designers who came to view.

Buick concept detroit 0237

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Official story is the Avista won't be built for production, but one insider suggested Buick (now secure in the role as GM's design-and-style brand) wanted to build "something like it". The car's success brought two big positives: it demonstrated for the millionth time that great looks still draw crowds, and its close link with Vauxhall-Opel seemed to promise good stuff here in future.

While emotions were running high it seemed right to hot-foot to BMW's stand where a solitary blue M2 Coupe sat on a plinth backed by huge running video of a clump of them dicing on a test track, sliding about amid clouds of tyre smoke. This car is closely related is the limited edition 1-series Coupe a few years ago but has extra muscles inside and out. It is sized and powered (370bhp, 168mph, 4.5sec 0-62mph) to be the perfect easy-ownership sporty car, especially if the predicted price of around £45,000 comes true.

Lexus 1 0312

The new Lexus LC500 2+2 was enticing and well balanced on three sides (some of us still have trouble with that admittedly eye-grabbing corporate grille) and faithfully brought forward the promise, inside and out, of the LF-LC concept shown here four years ago. It equals the record for the number of speeds in an automatic gearbox - 10 of them - which should give its 5.0-litre V8 a chance of decent economy. Infiniti had a new Q60 that looked nice enough (and proportionally very similar to the outgoing car) without really scaling the heights.

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Genesis, making what looked like the most determined bid yet for freedom from Hyundai, had its big silver coupe concept (revealed last year) on hand to draw American eyes, and VW showed production versions of its former Beetle Dune concept, both in coupe and convertible forms. Perhaps this will at last help the third-gen Beetle find a role in life.

Beetle la web 0209 0

Away from coupes, Audi kept the beauty quotient high with a superb h-tron Quattro concept - a yellow estate - powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and expected around 2020. It stole some of Mercedes' thunder as the progressive German marque on hydrogen cars. Far more relevant to today was the Audi A4 Allroad quattro, which looks a guaranteed success when it hits the market in autumn.

Best of the rest was the all-new and extremely tech-heavy Mercedes E-class, described by insiders as "Daimler's Golf" for the venerability of its core concept and the loyalty of its owners. Another superb Mercedes interior offset its OK-but-no-surprises exterior. Volvo's S90 saloon looked graceful but for its large and showy concave grille that (as on the XC90 SUV) seems more Chinese than Swedish. That one can come as a PHEV, as you'd expect.

Merc e det 0252

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Among Americans, trucks were curiously in the background, a bit of a surprise given the giveaway price of fuel. But then, most of the big models have recently been revised. Lincoln unveiled a new MKX SUV that looked very handsome and is touted by American hacks as a bit of a breakthrough car for a marque that usually seems to struggle.

But it was coupes that definitely took the limelight at Detroit and they deserved it. As some claimed, the recent rise of SUVs is to blame. It seems every household now has the ultimate in utility cars as its main machine: it can afford to have a more stylish, more personal car as its second- or third-stringer. The proposition accounts for the impressive success of the latest Ford Mustang. Anyway, the air was suddenly full of predictions that more coupes would come, and they'll be welcome.

Detroit motor show 2016 - live blog

Live blog by Darren Moss and Sam Sheehan

1400 - That brings our Detroit motor show live blog to a close. We'll hand over to Steve Cropley, who's been on location in Detroit scoping out the latest unveilings to bring you his show report. Scroll up this page to read it.

1310 - The arrival of Audi's h-tron quattro concept offers us a peek into the future of its line-up. With a claimed refuelling time of just four minutes and a quoted 373-mile range, the hydrogen fuel-cell concept prouces zero emissions, yet it's still good for a sub-seven second 0 to 62mph time and 124mph restricted top speed.

Detroit 2016 batch 20193

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1300 - Would you be interested in a go-faster version of the BMW X4? The M40i version features a turbocharged six-cylinder engine producing 355bhp and 343lb ft of toque. It's claimed to cover the 0-62mph sprint in just 4.9sec.

Detriot 2016 web 0015

1255 - We've just received new pictures of the Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S at Detroit - is it just us, or do they look even better in the metal?

Porsche detroit batch 2 0616

1250 - Away from Detroit, and Lamborghini has confirmed that all 40 planned examples of its upcoming Centenario car have already sold out - two months ahead of its official unveiling in Geneva. The £1.64m car is designed to celebrate the 100th birthday of Lamborghini.

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Lambo sketch2

1245 - Mark Tisshaw has written an interesting blog all about Ford's new Ford Pass service - which aims to link drivers to different mobility solutions and plans to do for cars what iTunes did for music. It's a big idea, but can it work? Here's his blog.


1235 - Another interesting video from Ford in Detroit. This time, it examines the potential of linking a driver's smartwatch to their car, so features and alerts can be controlled and transmitted via the wrist. It suggests cars will soon be connected to even more of our devices.

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1230 -  On the subject of car design, we've been considering whether applying 'Russian doll' design to all models in a line-up is actually a good thing. Plenty of cars shown in Detroit bear significant resemblance to other models of the same brand - the new E-Class is a prime example. "Personally I’m a little disappointed by the lack of imagination;" - do you agree with Jim Holder's opinion?

Mercedes bloga 1

1215 - Lincoln has revealed its new Continental in Detroit. Ford's flagship arm describes the model as 'production-ready', with sales due to commence in autumn. The car's design has been a topic of conversation for many - some have noted similarities with models such as the Jaguar XF. To our eyes, it's a safe, slightly unambitious exterior. But with a raft of luxuries and safety features, and a (yet to be confirmed) price that undercuts European alternatives, there's little doubt it'll appeal to many in the American market.

Lincoln conti web 0653

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1205 - Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn has responded to Elon Musk's promise that Tesla will produce an autonomous car before anyone else. The Brazilian-born businessman claims that his company will lead the way, but says that 'true' autonomous cars (that can make decisions in almost every situation) won't be possible until 2025 - five years after Renault-Nissan plans to sell its first autonomous vehicle.

Gosn musk web

1155 - Kia has chosen Detroit to reveal its Telluride concept SUV. It's another US-only model - it's expected to preview a future production SUV designed for the US market - but the technology featured inside and certain design features could make their way into models sold in Kia's other markets. Take a look at that legroom!

Detroit batch 3 0339

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1145 - Another US-only model we won't be getting in the UK is this, the aptly named Nissan Titan Warrior. Really, it does exactly what it says on the tin, which is to be a hairy-chested, brute of a truck. It's only a concept, but Nissan says it's been created to emphasise the production Titan's rugged nature. We want one, though admittedly it might look a bit out of place parked outside Waitrose in Twickenham...

1125 - Though it's not coming to the UK, the Chevrolet Bolt - which was unveiled at the CES and is now being shown in Detroit - emphasises just how far electronic technology in car drivetrain systems has come. Chevrolet claims that its lithium-ion batteries can eke out more than 200 miles of range - enough juice to drive from London to Leeds on a single charge.

2017 Chevrolet boltev 023

1120 - Ford has also released footage of it conducting what it calls the first official test of an autonomous vehicle in snowy conditions. The carmaker wants to use the footage to prove that tests are being carried out in the most extreme driving scenarios, and not just sun-baked California highways.

1115 - Of course, this being the USA, there have been plenty of unveilings that won't ever make it to the UK, including this, Ford's 'facelifted' Fusion NASCAR. It's recieved a new face (essentially a new sticker kit) to match the aesthetic updates that have been applied to the 2016 Fusion - which is America's equivalent of the Ford Mondeo. Like its rivals, the NASCAR Fusion produces about 750bhp at 9000rpm.

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2016 21fusion 2

1110 - Back to our star cars from yesterday. The Ford GT might not be the marque's latest reveal - in fact we've been familiar with its shape for a year - but this white one on the Ford display stand has still managed to hog as much attention as Detroit's newest unveilings. Just look at it.

Ford gt detroit nose

1105 - Steve Cropley says: â€¨BMW sales and marketing director Ian Robertson compares the progress of BMW's M high performance project at one end of the spectrum with the potential of i at the other. In the UK between 30 and 40 percent of 3 Series have M wheels. “We think i can come to stand for carbon technology and light efficiency measures in our more conventional range, not just special electric vehicles," explains Robertson.

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Bmw i8 uk road test 2014 063

1100 - Steve Cropley says: BMW is close to revealing its plans for a third i model, rumoured to be an i5. Sales and marketing director Ian Robertson says details are likely to be revealed in early March, when BMW will also discuss a suite of activities planned for 2016 – its centenary year. "We will be discussing our activities that point to the future," says Robertson. It's quite likely the i project will come up."

Bmw i5 web

1055 - Infiniti announces that it sold 215,250 vehicles last year, which is 16 percent more than the year before and a new record for the carmaker. But while sales in the Americas and China were strong, just 1,195 Infinitis were sold in the UK in 2015. This represents a 60.2 percent increase on the year before, illustrating just how small the numbers were.

Infiniti qx70s fd ac 001 0

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1050 - Cropley has also recieved confirmation that Mercedes has plans for a full electric car with a 250-300 mile range, built on the same electrical architecture, but Mercedes R&D chief Dr Thomas Weber refuses to say which Mercedes model will be used. "Stay tuned for that" is all he will say.

Mercedes b class electric drive 2014 021 0

1045 - Steve Cropley says: Mercedes will launch a hydrogen fuel cell version of its GLC soft roader next year. The car is 'in the middle of roll out' according to Mercedes R&D chief Dr Thomas Weber.

Glc 2015 gk 001 0

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1040 - Overnight we've also had big news from Jaguar, which has revealed the XF saloon will get an all-wheel drive version for 2016. Get the full story here.

Jag xf awd 2016 0264

1035 - We've updated our main show gallery with plenty of pictures from the Detroit show floor. Take a look at the gallery above to pick your favourites!

Gallery detroit batch 2 0638

1030 - Cropley has also been speaking to BMW's marketing director Ian Robertson, who has confirmed that plans for the company's i brand will be revealed in early March, possibly at the Geneva motor show. Those plans are likely to center around a third model, dubbed i5.

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Bmw i5 web

1025 - Steve Cropley says: Mercedes R&D boss Dr Thomas Weber reckons he has a particular problem with engineers and craftsmen engaged in seat, combustion or suspension design thinking their jobs aren't as important as they were. "They think they are doing old stuff that doesn't matter like it used to," Weber explains, "but of course they are completely wrong. We need them just as much as ever."

1015 - Let's remember some of yesterday's star cars, starting with the Infiniti Q60 coupé . Infiniti has struggled to gain traction in the UK market, but in the States, the story is far better. This model is therefore expected to fare quite well against rivals such as the BMW 4 Series and Audi A5. It's endowed with a turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 engine, capable of producing as much as 396bhp.

Infinti detroit batch 2 0607

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1000, 12th January 2016 - Good morning from the Autocar team, back here for day two of our Detroit motor show live blog coverage. Before the doors open on the other side of the pond, you can catch up with yesterday's action below, or visit and follow our Vine page to view several video clips.

Vine illustration

2000 - And with that, we'll close our live coverage of the opening day of the Detroit motor show. Remember to check back tomorrow morning for more coverage from our teams on the ground and in the UK, including plenty more pictures and analysis. For now, goodnight.

1930 - Kia has released the first teaser pictures of its upcoming Niro hybrid, which will be revealed at the Chicago motor show. Read more here.

Kia niro huv 1 0

1915 - We're not certain, but we reckon this facelifted Ford Escape previews whats to come on the Ford Kuga.

Ford escape facelift

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1905 - Proof the Lexus LC 500 has been created by lovers of driving comes with Lexus cheif Akio Toyoda's comments: "I really love cars, always have, always will. I wanted to be a taxi driver when I grew up... I don't want to sit behind the desk, I want to sit behind the wheel. That's how I can best advise my team and create cars for people who love cars as passionately as I do."

Lexus detroit 2016 0259

1855 - It might not be coming to the UK, but we can certainly appreciate Ford's new F-150 Raptor. Not only does it look the part, it's also powered by Ford's 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6, producing 411bhp and 434lb ft of torque. Ford says it's been developed with the DNA of a Baja race truck, so expect blistering performance and bullet-proof rigidity.

F 150 ford truck

1840 - Time for another unveiling now, and this time it's the 400bhp Buick Avista. It's a 2+2 coupé and a direct rival for the likes of the BMW M4. The future of the Avista as a production car is still uncertain, however.

Buick concept detroit 0238

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1830 - Here's some news you may have missed over the weekend - Tesla's Autopilot function has been updated for safety reasons. The system is now restricted on residential roads and roads without a central reservation, and the Model S is limited to the speed limit of the road plus an additional 6.2mph.

Tesla model s raod test 002 0

1820 - Caterham has added a new model to its line-up, the 620S. Designed to offer a more road-friendly alternative to the hardcore 620R, it features 15-inch wheels and different tyres than its performance-oriented sibling. Get the full story here.

Dsc 4175 edit edit

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1815 - More on the new Lexus LC 500 - it features a 5.0-litre V8 engine, the same unit found in the RC F and GS F, which produces 467bhp at 7100rpm. Drive is sent to the rear wheels through a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Lexus detroit 2016 0258

1810 - Breaking news from Lexus now - the Japanese brand has pulled the covers off its new LC 500 coupé. The car's pricing and launch date have yet to be confirmed, but order books are set to open later this year.

Lexus detroit 2016 0261

1805 - We've got full details on Ford's winter autonomous driving tech, and its new FordPass system, which will launch in April. FordPass gives users free access to a range of mobility services, including software which can find car parking spaces, and allows participation in car sharing schemes.

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Ford focus 2015 rt 007

1800 - Another car we've now had the chance to see live is the Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabriolet. This luxurious open-top four-seater will go on sale in the UK in April, costing around £200,000. It features a twin-turbocharged 5.5-litre V12 engine producing 621bhp.

Detroit 2016 sunday 0055

1755 - In case you missed it earlier, Autocar's editor-in-chief has explained how he's mightily impressed with the new Mercedes E-Class, particularly its potential when it comes to autonomous driving technology. Read his thoughts here.

1749 - Another car that's turning heads of Detroit show goers is the Infiniti Q60, which has just been revealed on the Japanese manufacturer's stand. Highlights of the sleek new BMW 4 Series worrier is a fierce new 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine.

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Infiniti q60 lo112a

1740 - In the unveiling of the new Ford Fusion, Ford gave some stick to two of its main rivals, the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. "What's that about?" asked the chap doing the voiceover when a presentation on the big screen explained that neither of the two Japanese saloons came with a plug-in hybrid option.

1736 - An astonishing statistic from the Ford press conference that has made Autocar’s Mark Tisshaw sit up and take notice: the Ford F-150 is not just popular in the US; around the world, a Ford truck is sold every 19 seconds.

1734 - There was a cringe-worthy moment at the Ford press conference when vertically challenged host Ryan Seacrest made a height gag to Ford development boss Raj Nair. There wasn't much laughter in the stands.

1730 - Mark Tisshaw has just been at the Ford press conference: "Ford brought along American Idol's Ryan Seacrest (me neither) to host its press conference. The big news away from the Fusion's unveiling was the launch of Ford Pass, which Ford claims will do for cars and automotive services what iTunes did to music."

1725 - And here's the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class in the metal. What do you think?

Merc e det 0252

1720 - Some more information on VW's Tiguan GTE Active now. It's understood that the unveiling of the car hints at VW's desire to offer its second-generation Tiguan with an off-road styling package. Exterior changes for this concept give it a more muscular appearance, and include new bumpers, prominent kickplates at the front and rear, and a reworked aluminium roof panel.

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Vw tiguan active asd4rd concept 0079

1715 - As this graphic shows, the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class fits very well into the current line-up, slotting in between the C-Class and S-class. Maybe a little too well, in fact?

Mercedes bloga 1

1705 - Arguably the biggest story of the show so far has been the unveiling of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class. You can read all about the car here, learn about its autonomous driving technology here and read Jim Holder's blog on 'Russian Doll' car design here.

Merc e sadfgh class 0002

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1700 - Away from Detroit, we've got new spy pictures of a compact Jaguar SUV. This test mule, which hints at a possible E-Pace model, could be on track for launch in around 2017.

E pace spies 0244

1655 - There's already been plenty of news to come out of Detroit today, and you can stay up to date with all of it by reading our Detroit show hub here.

Detriot 2016 web 0001 1

1650 - Don't forget that while the Detroit show is going on, we're also following British racing driver Harry Hunt on the epic Dakar Rally every day. Here's his latest update, as the race reaches its halfway strage.

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Harry hunt kk223

1645 - We've now seen the new Audi A4 Allroad in the metal. It's longer, wider and lower than the car it replaces, but is it better looking?

Detroit 2016 batch 20201 1

1640 - Volvo has confirmed that all of its future models will come with a twin-engine hybrid version across both of its two modular platforms - SPA for larger cars and CMA for compact models.

1635 - As you might remember, the S90 is Volvo's rival for the likes of the Jaguar XF, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 and - handily - the new Mercedes E-Class. We've got full pictures and spec information here.

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Volvo s90 web sdx4c 0013

1630 - More from Mark Tisshaw, who has been over to the Volvo stand. "Volvo announced at the unveiling of its new S90 in Detroit that it had broken through the 500,000 sales barrier for the first time in 2015. It was also announced today that the XC90 was the winner of the coveted North American Truck of the Year award."

1620 - We've updated our show gallery with plenty of pictures from the show floor in Detroit - take a look above.

Detroit 2016 batch 2gallery0219 0

1610 - Ford has unveiled a new conceptual lightweight version of its 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine - full story here.

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Ecoboost ford

1600 - Robertson talked up the new BMW M2 as being from the same breed as the famous 2002 Turbo, which he drove on stage in Detroit. "The M2 continues the story of a compact, high-performance sports car. The 2002 was the first and is the very soul of what BMW stands for."

Detroit 2016 sunday 0040

1555 - Mark Tisshaw has been at the BMW press conference. "BMW Group had its fifth successive year for record sales in 2015, posting sales of two and a quarter million. BMW and Mini had their best ever sales years and Rolls-Royce its second. Sales of M cars also shot up 65% to 35,000 units. The BMW i3, the world's the best selling electric vehicle, and i8 sold 30,000 between them."

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1545 - Aside from the cars on every stand, most vehicle manufacturers also have 'alternative' attractions too.


1535 - Another chance to see a new car in the metal now: here's the new BMW M2. There are plenty more pictures at the link, too.

Detroit 2016 sunday 0040

1525 - Here's a blog from Steve Cropley. He says drivers of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class should embrace autonomy, as it's the first Mercedes model to come with semi-driverless functionality. Read the full blog here.

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Merc e sadfgh class 0033 0

1515 - Mark Tisshaw has seen the new Chrysler Pacifica. He says it's "surprisingly well resolved for a car of its type and country of origin; this is anything but a box on wheels. Lord Sugar will be pleased."


1510 - Over on the Ford stand, the Blue Oval has chopped the roof off of its Fusion to show the plush new interior of the Platinum model, which is the US's version of Vignale.


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1505 - Oh dear, Mark Tisshaw has found the Jeep stand and isn't impressed by this Cherokee SUV. "I assure you the colour doesn't look any better in the metal," he says.


1500 - Steve Cropley: "Zetsche appears on Mercedes-Benz stage again in grey suit, white shirt. Open neck, same as last night. Looks like a bloke who forgot to bring his tie. Introduces S65 cabriolet by making amusing link with original Karl Benz trike exactly 130 years ago "also a convertible". Big differences are power (first car had 0.75hp) and seat warmers. Never anything wrong with his sense of humour."

1450 - Mark Tisshaw says: "The star of the show of 2015, the Ford GT, is back again at Detroit in 2016. It's now painted white. It looks stunning. Phwoar."

Ford gt detroit

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1430 - Steve Cropley says: "Just ran into ex-Bentley chief engineer, Ulrich Eichorn, who is to rejoin VW as chief of research and development, replacing Ulrich Hackenburg. "I'll probably see you in March," he told me. New job is even bigger than the one he left at VW. Then, he was head of research only."

1420 - Steve Cropley says: "VW group chief Matthias Muller was on hand for reveal of Audi's concept - and was clapped, German-style when he was announced. He had been at CES where he apologised some more a few days ago - he may say more at VW's stand in a few mins.

"The floor is then taken by Audi boss Rupert Stadler who seems almost to be relishing the current difficulties. He referred to 'the exhaust issue' as 'a reflecting point' and undertook to resolve all open questions, find simple solutions, and swore that 'we are 100% determined to get this resolved'.

"Stadler presented the latest events as 'a unique opportunity for change and innovation, talking of 20 new models worldwide in 2016. 'We will turn our company to the better', he said, 'and make the four rings shine on'."

1410 - This is the new Audi A4 Allroad. It will go on sale this summer, and is based on the new A4 Avant estate. Engines will provide up to 268bhp. Read more on this car in our full reveal story.

A4 allroad 0083

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1405 - The headline statistics on Audi's h-tron quattro concept make for interesting reading. The new conceptual SUV is tentatively scheduled to reach production in 2020, and features a hydrogen fuel cell stack which feeds two electric motors. A lithium-ion battery pack can also provide small bursts of extra power. Audi says the concept has a range of 373 miles.

Audi htro concept 0071

1400 - And here's Audi's promised hydrogen concept, the h-tron quattro. It may look similar to the previous e-tron quattro concept, but this car runs on next-generation hydrogen technology.

Audi htro concept 0070

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1355 - The Audi A4 Allroad has just made its debut in Detroit. This high-riding version of the A4 Avant is due to go on sale in the UK this summer. We'll have the full story for you soon.

1350 - Ford will have sold 20 million EcoBoost-powered cars by 2020, says Mark Tisshaw. The Blue Oval passed the five million car mark in 2015.

1345 - Ford has just unveiled a new lightweight version of its 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine in Detroit. This conceptual version is over 15% lighter than the regular EcoBoost engine. Ford has also confirmed it is working on new cylinder deactivation technology for the EcoBoost unit, which would see it run on only two cylinders.

1340 - Audi's US boss Scott Keogh says his company recently recorded its sixth year of record sales in the US. "This couldn't have happened without the best team in the business," he tells the gathered audience.

1335 - Audi's press conference is now underway. A clear stage has two spaces on it for cars.

1330 - The next big press conference of today is from Audi - the German marque is expected to reveal a new concept featuring hydrogen fuel cell technology.

1325 - Away from the Detroit show, most car manufacturers are expected to reveal their global sales results today. So far, we know that Volkswagen sold a total of 5,823,400 cars in 2015, a 4.8% decrease.

1320 - Of course, speaking of Nevada, Autocar was there only last week for the annual CES tech show. Read our full report and round-up here, including the full story on this car, the FFZERO1.

Ffextra 01 1

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1315 - "Mercedes-Benz was recently granted special dispensation from the mayor of Las Vegas in order to test autonomous cars in Nevada, including the new E-Class" says Cropley.

1310 - More from Cropley, who says Mercedes-Benz in the UK is so confident of the appeal of its new E-Class, it reckons local volume could double to 20% by 2017.

E classhero 01

1305 - Steve Cropley's been reading local media reports in Detroit, he says: "Local rag USA Today calls the Detroit show the 'nations most closely watched auto show' on account of its usual scandals. Better to concentrate on the actual cars, I reckon."

1300 - Another unveiling today is the Ford Fusion facelift. The Fusion is the US-market version of the Mondeo, so its update shows how the shape of the Mondeo in Europe will evolve over its production run.

2017 Ford fusion ll1100

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1255 - Another concept car to be revealed ahead of the Detroit show is the Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active. It's an off-road version of the Tiguan GTE, and mates a 1.4-litre petrol engine with two electric motors.

Vw tiguan active asd4rd concept 0074

1250 - As we've already reported, Carlos Ghosn has taken aim at Tesla's Elon Musk over his claims on autonomy. Mark Tisshaw says: "As is becoming a typical motor show theme, autonomy is already making headlines with the handbag swing Carlos Ghosn has taken at Elon Musk.

"Had a chat with Ford's Stephen Odell on the subject last night, who said autonomy should stop being viewed as a black or white, good or bad thing, and be embraced as a technology that is going to play a role as part of several other mobility options and find its feet, particularly between 2020-25.

1245 - Mark Tisshaw has just got into the Detroit show. He says: "The thing I'm most looking forward to today is having a nose around the interior of the new Mercedes E-Class. Design boss Gorden Wagener has previously called it a two-generation leap. Looks great in pictures, and looking forward to feeling if it has the quality to match."

Merc e sadfgh class 0031

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1240 - Carlos Ghosn has also said he isn't concerned over China's car market tremors. He said the Renault-Nissan brand is concerned over that market in terms of years, rather than months, and remains convinced that China's demand for mobility will ensure stability for those brands heavily invested in the region.

1235 - The night before the Detroit show is always a great chance to meet with car executives. At a Renault-Nissan dinner last night, CEO Carlos Ghosn poured cold water on Tesla boss Elon Musk's claim that his company will have a fully autonomous car on the road within three years. Ghosn has targetted 2020 as his target for having a fully driverless car in production.

Gosn musk web

1230 - In the last few minutes Aston Martin has revealed its new twin-turbocharged 5.2-litre V12 engine. The new engine could produce up to 600bhp and is likely to first see service in the upcoming DB11. See more of the new engine in the video below.

1225 - The new E-Class is the first model from Mercedes-Benz to come with Drive Pilot, which houses all of the firm's autonomous driving technology. One of its key features is the ability to follow the car in front at speeds of up to 130mph. Click here to read more.

1220 - The styling of the new E-Class is already dividing opinions. Jim Holder wonders whether the 'Russian Doll' design used by German car makers is something owners really want. Read his full blog here.

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Mercedes bloga 1

1217 - Already one of the biggest stories of the show has landed, as Mercedes-Benz has taken the wraps off its new E-Class. We've seen plenty of teasers and preview videos for the new car in recent weeks, but now all of the details are out. Catch up with our full story here.

1215 - Our team on the ground in Detroit includes Mark Tisshaw and Steve Cropley, while running the website today are Matthew Burrow, Matt Burt, Jimi Beckwith, Sam Sheehan and Darren Moss.

1210, 11th January 2016 - Welcome to Autocar's live coverage of the Detroit motor show. For the rest of today and tomorrow we'll be bringing you the very latest news from the show floor.

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Blue328 12 January 2016

And another thing

When I move from one page of comments to the next, why do I have to scroll through the entire article from the top?

I promise to get out of bed on the right side tomorrow.

Blue328 12 January 2016


Does anybody else find the current fashion for adding later material at the top of an article really annoying?
Notice how much easier it is to follow the thread of a discussion in the comments, compared to trying to get the full sense of an article written back-arsewards.