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The 2016 CES event has once again proven that the worlds of automotive and technology are merging, with new interior concepts and driverless car systems on display

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is primarily a technology hub, but this year car manufacturers have stolen the event with some of the most diverse and advanced concepts on display.

New vehicle debuts have come from the likes of Volkswagen, BMW, Aston Martin and new venture Faraday Future, while many more manufacturers have showcased their latest technology and innovations. The theme among car makers this year appears to be that of connectivity, with most manufacturers showing how their cars will be able to connect to other smart devices in the future. 

Automotive suppliere have also shown how they're upping their game to meet the needs of today's tech-savvy car buyers, with new technology including a virtual reality showroom experience.

You'll find all the key news from CES 2016 in our round-up below, and you can see pictures of some of the key cars in the gallery above.

CES 2016 - the key cars

Aston Martin Rapide S - Aston's connected car concept features an infotainment system designed by Chinese technology giant Letv. Aston Martin could also build a bespoke electric supercar for Letv in the future.

Astoninterior 1

Audi interior concept - Similar to that seen in the e-tron quattro concept, Audi's latest interior features high-definition screens and a new-generation infotainment system.



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Audi virtual reality - From this year, Audi will begin to roll out virtual reality headsets to its dealer network, allowing customers to visualise their car in real time.


BMW i8 Mirrorless concept - BMW wants to show the benefits of swapping external mirrors for cameras, which can cover a much wider radius and alert drivers to danger.

010 Bmw i8 mirrorless 1

BMW i Vision Future Interaction - Technology housed within this i8 Spyder concept includes a next-generation HUD, high-definition displays and advanced traffic information.

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Bmw i vision future interaction 2

Bosch haptic touchscreen - Bosch plans to help keep driver's eyes on the road with its new haptic feedback infotainment system.

Boschconnectedcar 01

Chevrolet Bolt - GM's new all-electric hatchback offers a claimed range of more than 200 miles, but it won't be coming to the UK.

Chevyboltreveal 02

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Faraday Future - The first concept car from this Chinese-backed start-up, the FFZERO1, turned plenty of heads at CES, and previews the firm's styling language.

Ffextra 05

Ford's autonomous future - The Blue Oval is tripling the size of its autonomous vehicle test fleet, with real-world testing ongoing in several US states.


Harman eye tracking - Harman's new technology uses eye tracking software and a camera to monitor a driver's state of alertness.

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Jaguar F-Pace connected car - Jaguar has partnered with Intel to show the power of connected cars. This F-Pace can tell you if you've left personal items inside the house.

Jaguarfpaceintel 01

Kia Drive Wise - All of Kia's future autonomous driving services will be badged under the Drive Wise banner, as the brand prepares to test on public roads in Nevada.


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Rinspeed Etos - Based on the BMW i8, Rinspeed's latest concept car features a drone which can be dispatched to pick up deliveries or livestream your trip. It's also fully autonomous and features a completely custom interior.

Rinspeedetos 0

Toyota mapping - Japanese manufacturer's new mapping technology pieces together images using data from GPS devices and onboard cameras

Toyota mapping 3

Volkswagen Budd-e - VW's new all-electric concept previews a four-wheel drive MPV which is set to arrive before 2018.

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Buddelive 06

Volkswagen e-Golf Touch - Next-generation infotainment system features gesture control and advanced voice recognition.

Golf e touch

Volvo smartwatch control - Owners of the Microsoft Band 2 will soon be able to control elements of their cars from the smartwatch.

Volvo on call

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Bullfinch 7 January 2016

"Car manufacturers have stolen the event"

Such is the petrolhead's view but take out the connectivity (which is really not that exciting) and you're left with a few concept cars. Also the Faraday thing looks like it eats pedestrians. No mainstream manufacturer would expect to get away with a front end designed to wound and it's to be hoped this one won't either.
Adrian987 22 December 2015

Tomorrow's controls

I hope they do testing/development of the haptic controls on a "moving" test-bed, to simulate the real world of driving and operating in bumpy road/challenging conditions.

With that expanse of screens available in tomorrows car, this must be crying out for advertisers to be streaming stuff to within the car, just so long as it does not blank out the important controls that the driver is interested in... Nowhere will be safe from pop-ups and other mini-advertising.