A small footprint, a subtly elevated driving position, deceptive practicality and a sense of style – that’s the supermini-SUV recipe and it’s a concept sure to boost the bottom line of the many manufacturers who have chosen to compete in this popular segment.

None more so than Seat, on the evidence of this road test.

Polished, mature all-rounder goes straight to the top of the class

Dynamically, the Arona may not be the most rewarding car that you’ll ever drive, but such matters are unlikely to concern most buyers.

They will take greater satisfaction from the tangible quality of its interior construction and its ability to ride with the composure of a larger, more expensive car, not to mention the intuitiveness of its impressive array of technology and the car’s all-round ease of use.

That Seat’s hard-edged design language – now a common sight on UK roads – translates so fluently onto this car’s unusual proportions completes a package that goes straight to the top of an ever-growing class. No rival balances practicality and panache quite like it.

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