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Stop your brain seizing up over the festive period with our motoring-themed quiz
Andrew Frankel Autocar
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25 December 2019

If charades isn't your thing - never fear. Try our veteran car boff Frankel's Christmas quiz.

The following 50 questions are all from the world of automotive. How many can you get right? Answers at the bottom of the page.

1 - What animal will you find on the badge of a Gordon Keeble?

2 - What was the name of Karl Benz’s wife?

3 - Which WW1 flying ace inspired Enzo Ferrari to use the prancing horse emblem?

4 - In which town and country were Porsches first built?

5 - Which two drivers put the equal greatest number of years between their first and last Le Mans wins?

6 - What do the two-cylinder 500cc of a Fiat 126 and the 4.5-litre V12 that powered Ferrari to its first grand prix win in 1951 have in common?

7 - Who founded Alfa-Romeo? Clue: it was not Nicola Romeo.

8 - What do the three points on the Mercedes-Benz star represent?

9 - What was the make and name of the first mainstream production radial tyre and on which car was it introduced?

10 - From where was the famed Aston Martin DB5 ‘gadget car’ from the film Goldfinger stolen in 1997?

11 - What was unusual about the Ferrari 166S in which Clemente Biondetti contested the 1950 Italian Grand Prix?

12 - What was unusual about the Kurtis Kraft that took pole position for the 1952 Indianapolis 500?

13 - Which car manufacturer also makes condiment dispensers?

14 - Which man was known as ‘the hyphen in Rolls-Royce’?

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15 - What is the only car manufacturer selling cars in the UK whose name begins with a double letter?

16 - Who was the only woman to finish in the points in a world championship grand prix?

17 - Who was the first person to win a race in a car using disc brakes?

18 - What and where was the world’s first purpose-built race track?

19 - Which is the world’s oldest motorsport facility to have been in continual use?

20 - What role in the James Bond film The Living Daylights did then Aston Martin chairman Victor Gauntlett turn down?

21 - What is the unique claim to fame of Louis Chiron, after whom the Bugatti Chiron is named?

22 - Why in 1964 did Porsche change the name of its new sports car from 901 to 911 after just 82 had been built?

23 - What was unusual about Eddie Hall’s participation at the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1950?

24 - What four companies do the four rings of Audi represent?

25 - What was unusual about the door bins of the Lancia Stratos?

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26 - Where are the interior door handles of a McLaren Senna located?

27 - Who was the first person to travel at greater than 400, 500 and 600mph and where did he do it?

28 - What was unusual about Vittorio Brambilla’s victory in the 1975 Austrian Grand Prix?

29 - Which was the last grand prix not won by one of Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari or Red Bull?

30 - Which was the first production road car to use monocoque construction?

31 - Which was the first production road car to use independent suspension?

32 - Why did the 1939 Bentley Corniche fail to make it into production?

33 - What was unique about the engine of the Cizeta-Moroder?

34 - How many valves does a Ferrari F355 engine have?

35 - What was unusual about the Ferrari Tipo 116 engine?

36 - Which was the first production road car with a turbocharged engine?

37 - What was the name of Wales’s only indigenous production car manufacturer?

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38 - What were cars produced at the BMW Eisenach factory called after WW2 when the factory was located in East Germany?

39 - What make of car was apparently driven by all Janis Joplin’s friends?

40 - What was the first car to come with anti-lock brakes?

41 - What was the only four-wheel-drive car to win a Formula 1 race?

42 - For what is Eleanor Velasco Thornton most famous?

43 - For what car was the engine of the Ferrari F40 originally conceived?

44 - In which song does the following lyric appear? ‘Told my girl I’ll have to forget her/Rather buy me a new carburettor’

45 - Who is the only driver to have scored maiden F1 victories for three different constructors?

46 - Before what year is a car entitled to call itself ‘vintage’?

47 - What is unusual about the Citroën 2CV Sahara?

48 - What was the nickname of Ferdinand Porsche, son of Ferry Porsche and designer of the 911?

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49 - For which two brands was the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix an F1 maiden win?

50 - In which year did Lotus dealer Caterham Cars become a manufacturer in its own right when owner Graham Nearn bought the rights to the Lotus 7?

The Answers

1 Tortoise 2 Bertha 3 Francesco Baracca 4 Gmünd, Austria 5 Luigi Chinetti (1932-49), Hurley Haywood (1977-94) – 17 years 6 Both were designed by Aurelio Lampredi 7 Pierre Alexandre Darracq 8 Land, Sea, Air 9 Michelin X, Citroën 2CV 10 Boca Raton airport. It has never been recovered

11 It was powered by a Jaguar engine 12 It had a diesel engine 13 Peugeot 14 Claude Johnson 15 Ssangyong 16 Lella Lombardi. She scored 0.5 points in the 1975 Spanish Grand Prix after the race was shortened from 75 to 29 laps 17 Stirling Moss in a Jaguar C-Type at Reims in 1952 18 Brooklands in Weybridge, Surrey, which opened in 1907 19 Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb, founded in 1905 20 KGB colonel

21 He is the oldest person ever to take part in a World Championship Grand Prix, coming sixth at Monaco in 1955, aged 55 22 Peugeot claimed the right to all three-digit numbers with a zero in the middle 23 He drove the race solo 24 Horch, DKW, Wanderer and Audi 25 They were shaped to accommodate a helmet 26 Above the occupants’ heads 27 Craig Breedlove, Bonneville Salt Flats, between 1963 and 1965 28 He lost control and crashed his car after taking the chequered flag 29 2013 Australian Grand Prix. It was won by Kimi Räikkönen, Lotus E21 30 1922 Lancia Lambda

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31 1922 Lancia Lambda 32 A Luftwaffe bomb fell on the only prototype on Dieppe docks as it waited to go home 33 It was and remains the only transversely mounted V16 used in a road car 34 40 35 It had two cylinders 36 1962 Oldsmobile Jetfire 37 Gilbern 38 EMW 39 Porsche 40 Jensen FF

41 Ferguson P99 in which Stirling Moss won the 1961 Oulton Park Gold Cup 42 She was reputedly the model for the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy mascot 43 Lancia LC2 Group C racer 44 I’m In Love With My Car by Queen 45 Dan Gurney: Porsche, Brabham and Eagle 46 1931 47 It has two engines and four-wheel drive 48 Butzi 49 Honda and Goodyear 50 1973


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289 26 December 2019

@si73 neither....about 17 I think.

Loads I should have known (or have forgotten), but quite a few curved balls too that I would never have got in a million years.

Good effort AF !

si73 25 December 2019

Didn't do very well.

Didn't do very well.