Car review

Caterham 620S

New 620S takes racing origins and tunes them for road use

From £46,9959
24 March 2016
Car review

Caterham Seven 270

Caterham's reshuffling of its line-up makes this the replacement for the Roadsport - which means it need only be the ideal complement to a Sunday

From £24,4958
23 March 2015
Car review

Caterham Seven 620R

The new 310bhp supercharged 620R is an ideal choice for those seeking to hunt down supercars on track

From £51,9909
24 February 2014
Car review

Caterham Seven 160

Caterham’s new entry-level model aims for simplicity and value, achieving both in a way that few other manufacturers could hope to match

From £19,9958
23 February 2014
Car review

Caterham SP300R

The 500bhp-per-tonne Radical SR3-rivalling Caterham SP300R is a new track hero

10 December 2013
Car review

Caterham Superlight 2006-2012

The Caterham Superlight scintillates with simplicity. There's little quicker or more focused for the price

3 May 2012
Car review

Caterham Seven

The Caterham Seven is a stripped-down sportscar offering one of the most pure driving experiences available. It is a true classic and available in nine iterations

From £25,9958
16 January 2012
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Car review

Caterham Seven Supersport 2012-2016

High-performance Caterham for a budget price. Perfect spec for part-time hillclimbers/sprinters

18 April 2011