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Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up a week in gossip from across the automotive industry

In this week's round-up of automotive gossip, Volkswagen gets 'vizzionary', Kia spurns the UK for its new SUV, we chat wheel rims with Audi and more.

Volkswagen's Vizzion vision

Barely seconds after the covers came off the new VW ID Space Vizzion estate concept in LA, VW USA CEO Scott Keogh confirmed it would make production in 2022. The car is closely linked to the previously shown ID Vizzion saloon concept, and both are likely to carry versions of the ID 5 nameplate. The Space Vizzion will leave VW with three similar-sized estates, beside the Passat and Arteon Shooting Brake. Something will have to give…

Seltos no bueno for UK

Kia had a new SUV at the LA show, but it’s not for the UK. The Seltos is sized between the Stonic and Sportage in European terms, a gap Kia has just filled with the Xceed in Europe. The Seltos will instead be offered in the US, Korea, India and the Middle East.

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How big is too big for an alloy wheel? 23 inches? That’s how big the Audi RS Q8’s alloys are, the same size as the Lamborghini Urus’s. But Audi exterior design chief Andreas Mindt reckons that really is now it for ever-larger alloys, as the limits of physics are finally reached – not for the want of trying from car designers.

VW's tree spree

Sustainability the lips of most executives at the LA show. There are around 700 Bugattis on the road, none doing more than about 1000 miles a year, but bosses still feel the pressure and plan to carbon offset the entire company from next year. VW will plant 1000 trees to compensate for the 1000 miles its Atlas Cross Sport R will travel in the Baja 1000 off-road race, while Subaru will plant half a million to rebuild US forests destroyed by fire.


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The Apprentice 3 December 2019

Annoyed we don't get the

Annoyed we don't get the Seltos just the cheapo Stonic (jacked up Rio). Seltos has some great spec. but won't be cheap because of that.

Suggests Kia still doesn't have confidence its more expensive (elaborate) models can compete here with 'premium' badged and priced competitors, which is a pity, from what I have seen of the Seltos and the current demand for SUV's I think it would do well.

Tom Chet 3 December 2019

ID Space Vizzion has less space than a Passat Estate

The thing I don't understand is how the Space Vizzion is so inefficient in its use of space.  It is both longer than a Passat Estate (by 20cm), seats 5 people, the same as the Passat, yet has a 580 litre boot, 70 litres smaller than the Passat.

I thought EV-specific platforms were meant to be more space efficient than incumbent ICE platforms...

coolboy 3 December 2019


Something got to give? Do you happen to know that the current Polo is way bigger than the original 5-door Golf? And that the current Golf Variant is way bigger than the original Passat Variant? 

Anyway, it doesn't look like we can already leave the dealer driving off that Arteon Shooting Brake.

On the other hand, that F-type had got to give the V6 and those Ford V8s aren't going to last forever, just ask Wales.