The Renault Koleos feels like a good car that should have been better executed. It’s both well sized and fairly well priced, but several important constituent parts of it simply aren’t up to snuff.

Even a rudimentary round of benchmarking would have told Renault that the CVT’s performance was outmoded and the suppression of engine and running-gear noise was inadequate. However, neither of these problems has been prevented, ultimately, from coming between the car and a more glowing reception.

The potential for a better car exists here but it remains untapped

Elsewhere, the issues are a little more subjective and therefore a little more forgiveable. For our money, the interior, its functionality and the ride quality aren’t quite where they ought to be and Renault will be disappointed that the X-Trail (no model of perfection itself) scored higher in all departments.

Being large, SUV-shaped, reasonably nice to look at and not unreasonably priced still makes the Koleos a bright idea, of course – just not nearly the best around.

Which is why overall the Koleos doesn’t make our top five, which means the big Renault is lagging behind the Honda CR-V, Ford Edge, Skoda Kodiaq, Mazda CX-5 and our leader the Volkswagen Tiguan.


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