It's been a ruddy busy week. We've had so many scrappage schemes, new reveals, announcements and events that it was as hard to edit the list down as it was to make sure nothing had been overlooked.

Anyway, here are the six things that this week brought a little excitement to the automotive world and the one (big) thing that cast an irritating shadow. 

The best things I've seen all week 

Dacia Duster

Img 5777

At the beginning of the week, I sampled the Duster’s off-road ability and was massively impressed. I’ve always had a bit of a crush on the Dacia Duster due to its chunky, powerful, mini-mud-plugger looks. 

Then on Wednesday, Dacia changed everything by revealing the new, improved and far more grown-up Duster. Where before there was a rough-and-ready gruffness to its look, the car has matured into a fully fledged fighter of SUVs in the price band above it. In other words: all of them.

Mini’s electric concept

Mini concept 0250