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Mini Convertible

Second nip and tuck for third-generation Mini brings new tech and a sleeker look

From £20,8358
28 May 2021
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Most extreme road-going Mini benefits from 302bhp, a strict diet and an eye-catching bodykit

29 April 2020
Car review

Mini Electric

Mini’s new electric hatchback won’t break records on range or usability but has plenty of brand-typical zip and driver appeal. Isn’t bad value relative to other EVs, either

28 January 2020
Car review

Mini Cooper S Works 210 2017

Mini splits the difference between Cooper S and John Cooper Works, and what a revelation it is

8 December 2017
Car review

Mini Countryman Cooper S E All4

Can this plug-in hybrid successfully meld capability, frugality and performance?

From £31,5757
28 July 2017
Car review

Mini Countryman

Mini’s modern-day Maxi is back for another swing at the hatchback mainstream, but is the Countryman good enough this time?

From £22,2657
10 March 2017
Car review

Mini Convertible 2016-2020

Third-generation drop-top joins Mini’s new and improved line-up, delivering the same vivacious driving experience while exposed to the elements

From £18,1909
25 April 2016
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Car review

Mini Clubman

Mini's Peter Pan image finally diminishes as it grows up with the arrival of the mature-looking 'six-door' Clubman

From £18,5157
3 December 2015
Mini John Cooper Works
Mini's John Cooper Works auto is less highly strung than before but quicker than ever
Car review

Mini John Cooper Works

Faster and more rounded than any ‘Works’ Mini before it. Still a committed prospect – to buy and to use – but rewarding to drive

From £23,7808
8 May 2015
Car review

Mini 3-door Hatch

Now in its third generation, we find out if the bigger, cleverer and more mature Mini can still entertain like it predecessors did

From £14,6208
3 April 2014
Car review

Mini 5-door hatch

Third-generation Mini hatchback comes with a range of new engines, more equipment and a practical five-door shape, but is it stretching the Mini name too far?

From £15,2509
7 March 2014