Not long now until the Frankfurt motor show, and all the madness that entails. You know what that means? More fodder for the best and worst things I’ve seen this week.

Here are five of the best things I’ve seen this week, with one that wasn’t quite so good.

The best things I've seen all week 

Kia Proceed concept wheels

Kia’s getting serious about being a design-focused rival to the German big-hitters, and if the Proceed does turn into this striking shooting brake, there’ll be genuine cause for concern in Munich, Stuttgart and Ingolstadt

The wheels are the standout feature, though; they’re as intricate as they are powerful-looking, and tragically stand approximately zero chance of reaching production. For shame. 

Aston Martin Vantage

The old Vantage is a looker, yes, but it’s been long in the tooth for quite a while. 

The new one seems to be adopting much of the look of the DB10, whose solely Bond film usage always seemed a tragic waste. Until now. Can’t wait until the wraps come off.

Mini John Cooper Works GP concept

Good Lord, Mini knows how to do a concept. Where the electric was stuffed with quirky, futuristic details, the GP concept seems to have been stuffed with Scotch bonnet peppers and slapped around the face, such is its almost lunatic-like aggression. 

It’s another concept I dearly hope that Mini leaves undiluted for production, and shows the flexibility of the Mini blueprint. Bravo. 

Peugeot’s phone box dealership

Mini’s too busy making incredible concepts to have got there first on this phone box upcycled into a miniature car dealership, but its loss is Peugeot’s gain. 

It’s gimmicky, tacky and bizarre, and takes a defunct phone box out of operation. So what’s not to like?

Jaguar’s electric E-Type Concept Zero

Never has ‘the best of both worlds’ been so applicable; it’s a Jaguar E-Type with an all-electric powertrain. It’s the past, but future-proofed, to use a cheesy oxymoron. 

It’s definitely divided opinion, and I can see where the critics are coming from - they’d argue that an E-Type has been ruined. It’s better to think of the Concept Zero making electric powertrains even cooler using the E-Type’s timeless appeal, though. 

Falken's toy car scrappage scheme

Tyre company Falken delightfully rips the scrap out of scrappage schemes with its take on the industry trend. 

Owners of toy cars share an image of their scaled-down bangers, and a number are selected for the scrappage scheme and will receive a brand-new toy. Traded-in cars are then found new homes with a local charity. 

...and the worst thing I’ve seen this week:

The BMW X7 concept’s kidney ‘grilles’

It’s not that they’re the size of a large barbecue - which they are. It’s not that they’re covered in chrome, either.

It’s the fact that they’re no longer separate. Their stuck-together look isn’t as ‘pure’ BMW as I’d like, and something breaking up that expanse of chrome wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. Let’s hope they split them a little more on the production X7