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Depreciation for the CLA rather depends on where you decide its positioning lies. Against high-spec variants of saloons from mainstream manufacturers, the CLA should perform rather well.

Against premium compact executive alternatives, however, we don’t expect it to perform quite so admirably – although more limited used supply than, say, a C-Class Mercedes, should assist it to some extent along the way.

Nic Cackett

Nic Cackett

Road tester
The diesel Mercedes CLA in particular offers competitive running costs

Boosting fuel economy is a low drag coefficient. Mercedes says the CLA is the most aerodynamic car in its class, with a drag coefficient as low as 0.22Cd. To put that in perspective, a decrease of 0.04Cd offers the same fuel economy benefits as reducing the kerb weight by 100kg.

Aiding that figure is a front grille with shutters that close at speed, aerodynamically optimised door mirrors, fins in the rear lights and vents in the wheel arch linings. An elegantly contoured coupé shape presumably helps, too.

Consequently the economy on offer is impressive, but the initial purchase price and equipment levels are not. We mentioned the C-Class just a second ago, and we’d be more inclined to look towards that than towards the limited-range and not-inexpensive CLA. 

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If you're dead-set on a CLA though, there are a few options worth considering. The car looks a bit more graceful in Sport trim than it does in AMG Line, and should ride better without the firmer, shorter sports springs. Drive Kit Plus is a great halfway-house multimedia option, with better iPhone functionality than the standard system.

Many Mercedes buyers will look out for desirable options like these, so bear it in mind if you're not set on owning your CLA for a long time. The right spec, with the right engine, will make your CLA much easier to sell when the time comes.

The car's low starting price and decent efficiency will most likely make it a hit with company car drivers, too.

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