In decades past, Jeep Wranglers looked like surprisingly good value – but anyone expecting similar of this version is in for a shock.

At its least expensive, a two-door Wrangler can be had, with either a petrol or a diesel engine, for a whisker under £45,000. A fully loaded Rubicon-spec four-door with a powered soft-top will be a near-£52,000 car before owners busy themselves with the Mopar catalogue.

Matt Saunders Autocar

Matt Saunders

Road test editor
Wrangler trails behind conventional Toyota Land Cruiser and Land Rover Discovery Sport for retained value. Not a woeful effort, mind

Conveniently for Jeep, it remains hard to argue that the Wrangler is particularly bad value since so few rivals match its dual-purpose capability. Entry-level Sahara trim includes LED headlights, an 8.4in infotainment set-up with both factory navigation and smartphone mirroring, and a premium audio system. It’s not what you’d call generous for the price – but then the car still wears a sense of spartan functionality predictably well.

Our 2.2-litre diesel four-door test car returned a touring fuel economy result of 37.6mpg, which is no embarrassment at all for an SUV of its size and brief.

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