We’d wager that not everyone at BMW believed replacing the 5 Series GT was the right thing to do.

It launched an odd, half-formed executive car in 2009 with an abundance of rational appeal but a dearth of desirability.

It does all the right things but what it is remains a puzzle

And although the new 6 Series GT attempts to address the shortfall, it’s really only in a tokenistic way.

In objective terms, the 630d GT has true luxury-level comfort, refinement, occupant space and convenience, as well as all the on-board technology expected of a modern limousine. It’s a superbly pleasant and easy car to drive and an agreeable one in which to be driven, and its practicality and usability far exceed normal saloon-car standards.

But although the 6 GT is a marginally more appealing car than its forebear, it falls a long way short of the desirability expected of a £50,000 luxury car for most testers.

While subjective, that’s a conspicuous failing in something that ought to be an emphatic statement of status and style as well as a car – and the luxury class isn’t short of options that show what’s missing.

Overall, the BMW 6 Series GT doesn’t make our top five with the Jaguar XJ, BMW 7 Series, Tesla Model S, Range Rover and the impressive Mercedes-Benz S-Class all proving to be more compelling options.


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