From £135,80010
Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

The most important figure to note here starts with a ‘3’ – but could reasonably be approximated to a round ‘40’ if you wanted to sum up neatly the real-world touring economy you could get from this 429bhp, 2.6-tonne luxury SUV.

As unlikely as it may seem, the Bentayga Diesel returned 38.9mpg on our touring test. That is a better result than the SQ7 (which was also on 21in alloys) achieved in its road test, and a figure that makes the oilburner almost 60 percent cheaper to fuel than its petrol equivalent.

Strong predicted demand should lead to outstanding residuals. W12 version is 7 percent worse over three years

Those planning to use their Bentayga every day will appreciate a range that could exceed 700 miles – having to stop at the services for a 1am splash and dash after a long day’s driving is, after all, considerably less luxurious than not having to.

Depreciation is a familiar cost for plenty of Bentley owners, but now the firm’s ‘approved used’ programme is in place, things are changing.

CAP expects the Diesel to do very well on residual value and, bought now, to hold on to a greater proportion of its showroom price over three years and 36,000 miles, starting at that £135,800 list price, than an Audi SQ7 does from just under £72,000.