A first glimpse at the production Volvo XC40 small SUV comes from the brand’s German site, which published a preview image ahead of time

The rear of the Volvo XC40 has been part-revealed early, thanks to a slip up from Volvo’s German arm. 

The preview image was shown on the brand’s German website and was caught by eagle-eyed Volvo fans, but was quickly removed, suggesting that it was accidentally shown ahead of the official release time. 

Despite Volvo’s claims that the XC40 will be more playful and pitched at a younger market than its other models, the small SUV has all the visual cues of the XC60 and XC90

Volvo also recently confirmed that the XC40 will be the smallest SUV in its line-up.

This quells rumours that Volvo’s recently hinted-at 20 series - which will be the smallest models the company makes - will spawn an SUV variant akin to the Mini Countryman and Audi Q2.

Despite this, Volvo is aggressively taking aim at the current premium small-SUV market in which the XC40 will compete, going so far as to describe the segment as "lacking in individuality and playfulness".

The XC40, which will be the first car based on Volvo's Compact Modular Architecture, aims at a more youthful audience than the XC60 and XC90 models. The XC40 offers a number of customisation options to reflect this, with a greater level of exterior and interior colour combinations than any previous Volvo. Unusual interior options such as orange carpet and red upholstery have been suggested.

The XC40 will be revealed this autumn, and the brand's description of the model distances it from the rest of the range, including a wider variety of materials used. A panel embossed with map-like patterns is shown in the official teaser shots that have been released, as are more rugged, block-metal and driftwood-like materials. This is the first official glance we've had of any element of the XC40, despite spy photographers catching the car in development.

“We wanted the XC40 to be a fresh, creative and distinctive member of the Volvo line-up, allowing its drivers to put their personality in their driveway," said Volvo design boss Thomas Ingenlath. "XC40 drivers are interested in fashion, design and popular culture and often live in large, vibrant cities. They want a car that reflects their personality. The XC40 is that car."

Volvo also confirmed its three trim levels for the XC40 range: Momentum, R-Design and Inscription. Despite being the entry-level trim, Momentum is described as the most fashion-conscious in the range. As per Volvo’s other models, R-Design will be sportier and Inscription more luxurious. 

A full list of engine options has yet to be confirmed, but at the heart of the range will be a 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol unit derived from the brand's 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol. Diesel engines are certain to appear too, and both naturally aspirated and turbocharged petrol and diesel engines will feature. A 180bhp hybrid, with a 106bhp petrol engine and a 74bhp electric motor, will top the range, under the T5 Twin Engine badge. It will be front-wheel drive, with a seven-speed automatic gearbox, and it will have the capacity for 30 miles of electric-only range.

Prices for the XC40 range are expected to start at about £25,000, undercutting rivals such as the upcoming Jaguar E-Pace (priced from £28,500), as well as the existing Audi Q3 (£27,610) and Range Rover Evoque (£30,600).

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21 July 2017

Teaser photos are a bore.  Diverse materials seem to be Dirt Trap, Moonscape and Cowpat.

21 July 2017

One picture of a disguised car followed by a log and a turd. Not sure what we are supposed to glean from this.

21 July 2017

Let's hope they move away from the 'oversized airvents coupled with undersized buttons' interior design theme that is dating terribly very quickly.  I doubt it somehow. It will likely look exactly the same, but smaller, with the large screen from the XC90. 

21 July 2017

Not really bothered if its covered inside with mongoose bladder and the media system interfaces with NASA and Beyonce's bath tub server.Low emissions, low tax, low noise, comfy ride, sharp turn-in, tracks straight on the motorway with minimal corrections, big boot  - all far more important, and still got wrong far too often by too many manufacturers ....still.

21 July 2017

Really? What do Volvo know about playfulness? They have some good brand values, but they're not exactly renowned for playfulness. Quite the opposite.

21 July 2017

A bit strange comments are blocked on the Alfa Romeo Stelvio feature.

Probably because it could give the beloved ‘game changing’ F-Pace a run for its money, its good looking, powerful and far cleaner whilst competitively priced. Don't want any comparisons do we ;)


21 July 2017
I also thoughtful it odd comments are blocked however totally opposite thoughts. The f pace is sister car to the xf, the e pace sister car to the xe, surely stelvio is aiming at e pace not a car in the size range above ?

21 July 2017
Sundym wrote:

I also thoughtful it odd comments are blocked however totally opposite thoughts. The f pace is sister car to the xf, the e pace sister car to the xe, surely stelvio is aiming at e pace not a car in the size range above ?

No, the Stevio is quite big, 10cm shorter than the F-Pace and very close to the Macan at nearly 4.7m, prices are all in the same area.

The E Pace is only 4.4m and lower price range, XC40, Qashqai, Ateca size.

22 July 2017
I assumed stelvio based on giulia platform as there is apparently a larger 4x4 in the offing .

26 July 2017

...what a tease. Looks just like all the XC Volvos...

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