Hot 8 Series model will come in two-door coupé and convertible forms, as well as in four-door Gran Coupé guise
Jimi Beckwith
28 February 2018

BMW will reveal a concept version of its M8 performance car with a four-door Gran Coupé body at the Geneva motor show.

The concept, partially shown in a new shadowy picture, will preview the look and styling of the M division's 600bhp range-topper in its most practical guise. Along with those new back doors, it will have a longer roofline to offer increased rear head room.

BMW M8 concept shown

The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupé, as it is expected to be called, foreshadows a production version that's due out next year. The four-door version of the M8 will sit alongside the coupé and convertible models at the top of the new 8 Series range, which will appear on public roads in November.

BMW 8 Series: official development car pictures released

Although it has yet to be officially revealed, we know the production M8 models will use BMW's twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 engine because the racing M8 that competed in this year's Daytona 24 Hours was equipped with this powerplant. Without motorsport restrictors to worry about, the finished road car is expected to produce 600bhp, placing it above the latest 592bhp M5 and giving it more firepower than the Mercedes-AMG S63 Coupé, which has 577bhp.

Our spy photographers have captured both the hard and soft-top versions of the two-door M8 testing in public, showing the large air intakes, quad exhausts and aggressive styling these cars will receive.

M division president Frank van Meel revealed that development of the M8 was started at the same time as the regular 8 Series and that their programmes ran in parallel. He said the M8 builds "on the genes of the 8 Series and augments its DNA with added track ability and generous extra portions of dynamic sharpness, precision and agility.

"It all flows into a driving experience that bears the familiar BMW M hallmarks and satisfies our customers’ most exacting requirements.”

Van Meel said that BMW's engineers set out "to ensure that the standard car wasn’t too sporty for its customers", because the M division "wanted the M8 to feel like a proper step up".

"Also, because not all 8 Series customers want an M car," he added.

Insiders suggest the 8 Series and M8 will use the same platform as the 7 Series and 5 Series, and that the M car will share much of the drivetrain of the four-wheel-drive M5.

“For now, I can’t confirm that,” van Meel said of the speculation, “except to say that we have watched the luxury sports coupé market closely and we see lots of four-wheel-drive cars within it already. We have also already proven that our M xDrive four-wheel drive system doesn’t adversely affect the handling purity of the new M5. There’s nothing to fear from four-wheel drive.

“We certainly want to make a statement with this car. It will sit at the very top of our model range and, for now, we have no confirmed plans for any series production model above it, so we understand it must have a specification suiting its position in our hierarchy.”

The M8 will carry a heavy premium over the standard 8 Series, so a starting price surpassing that of even the i8 supercar is certain; the S63 Coupé kicks off at around £131,000, so the M8 should remain competitive with its Stuttgart rival.

BMW will also use the M8 GTE, the racing version of the car, to compete as part of a factory effort in this year's Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race. It will be the brand's first factory entry there in six years.

Additional reporting by Matt Saunders and Sam Sheehan

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28 May 2017
In camouflage with its narrow headlights it reminds me of the front of the MG xpower sv.

15 August 2017

it won't be as nice as the old one.

15 August 2017

We all need to get used to narrow lights. New technology hi-intensity lights will spread to all cars and narrow strips will be the norm. 

15 August 2017

I saw one of these - along with a test fleet from Munich - on the top of the Grossglockner pass this June and, boy, is this thing big & bulbous. I'd wait til Alpina get their hands on it and then the world's plutocrats can rejoice in not only having a big, lardy, gadget-ridden express but also a smidgin' of exclusivity. If you stick to Munich's (as opposed to Buchloe's) version then make sure someone else is paying your PCP.....


15 August 2017

It's great that BMW continue to push engine technology, but unfortunate they don't back it up with reliability.   Or when they get something so wrong they don't fix it and support their customers as they should.


Instead you're left with bills running to thousands, sometimes even more than the car is worth.


Sadly, it's their European customers who are the ones who suffer.   In the USA BMW were forced to buy back tens of thousands of certain models with certain engines under their Lemon laws.


21 August 2017

With an M8 on the horizon I wonder if BMW will finally do a M7 to compete with the saloon version of the full-blown AMG S Class? They already do the M750i which competes with the S63.

21 August 2017
Saucerer wrote:

With an M8 on the horizon I wonder if BMW will finally do a M7 to compete with the saloon version of the full-blown AMG S Class? They already do the M750i which competes with the S63.

BMW now has the M760 Li, with a v12 engine and AWD, which should more than enough to deal with the AMG S Class.

21 August 2017

Modern BMW engines are famous for two things:


  1. Efficient power.
  2. Breaking down.


Sadly, the latter BMW kick UK costomers in to the long grass.   Just enough help to get you outside the warranty period by replacing known poor quality parts with similar poor quality parts.   Not actually fixing the problem.


In the USA they've had to warrant those parts out to 10 years, but not for UK customers because they can get away with it.

8 February 2018

’nuff said. Drop it will you, the same old rant on every BMW story. 

9 February 2018

The medical fraternity in the states will love them, here...?,the coupe will be King.

Peter Cavellini.


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