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Following stints at Skoda and BMW, Jozef Kabaň will head up the British luxury brand's design studio
Felix Page Autocar writer
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29 March 2019

Rolls-Royce has appointed ex-BMW and Skoda designer Jozef Kabaň as its new head of design, following the departure of Giles Taylor to Chinese firm Hongqi last year.

Slovakian Kabaň has a long history in vehicle design, having become one of the Volkswagen Group’s youngest designers aged 20.

In 1997, he was awarded a Master of Arts degree from London’s Royal College of Art before earning global recognition just a year later when he was named project lead for the exterior of the Bugatti Veyron.

This success led to Kabaň heading up Skoda’s exterior design department from 2008, during which time he is credited with having “significantly influenced the design and emotionality of the brand”.

As well as penning the current Octavia and Fabia, Kabaň was one of the lead designers behind the brand’s current Kodiaq SUV.

Now 46, he has spent the last two years as head of BMW’s design studio, having replaced 5 Series and 7 Series designer Karim Habib. 

Speaking about Kabaň’s latest appointment, Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös said: “It's testament to the success of our business that, as the world’s leading luxury house, we are able to attract the world’s very best design talent.

“This is an exciting time for our brand and I look forward to welcoming Jozef to the Rolls-Royce family”, he added.

Kabaň will be joining the 2000-strong workforce at Rolls-Royce’s design studios in Goodwood, Sussex and Munich, Germany.

Rolls-Royce celebrated the best year of sales in its 115-year history in 2018, selling a total of 4107 cars in 50 countries worldwide.

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29 March 2019

I've never seen a Veyron in the metal but from pictures it just leaves me underwelmed.  However I do like the styling of the current crop of Skodas; they join Seats as being IMO the better looking cars of the VW Group (Audi has just gone to pot over the years).  They are certainly a vast improvement on the quawky looking Mk2 models.

29 March 2019

Can't have a chap with long hair & a horrible dirty beard designing Roll Royces, can we??? It's just not cricket is it??? Why on earth did they get rid of that Giles chappy? hw was ever so nice & he always wore a suit & a tie.

29 March 2019

Fully agree jagdavey, he needs to smarten up sharpish. Simply disgusting how people go round like that, looks absolutly frightful.

I jolly well hope he dosn't make a bish of it, as it looks like he might, looking at those horrible Skodas.

What has Blighty come to? Letting these foreign upstarts run the place. Vicky would never have approved.


29 March 2019

....that he can come up with something elegant and with style/class.....or maybe there isnt a market for that anymore among the super-rich. Even the designs of their motor-yachts are now ugly and Naval in style!

Frankly anything would be better than the current RR obsession with ugly bricks on wheels.

29 March 2019

The Ghost being one of the most handsome cars of all time, likewise the previous generation Phantom (the current one is let down by clumsy detailing), Jozef Kaban will probabaly find his new job very challanging.

Yes I can see Skoda's faceted hard edge design translated well to Rolls Royce. 

But nobody should be proud of having designed the Veyron. 


31 March 2019

....I takr it you are attempting irony abkq....both of these cars are a moving freak show

30 March 2019

Or maybe it's BMW's hidden plan..........Get some felt tip fairy in who doesn't know anything about RR's or "British" design so that he can totally screw up their cars, then nobody will buy them & then BMW can close it down because after Brexit they don't want anything to do with the UK!

30 March 2019
jagdavey wrote:

Get some felt tip fairy in who doesn't know anything about RR's or "British" design so that he can totally screw up their cars

The myth that British designers are best at designing British cars (or that British music is the sole property of British conductors etc.), forgetting that the Golf, a quintessentially German car, was designed by an Italian, or that the Citroen DS was designed by another Italian.

30 March 2019

Italian design to BMC (pininfarina), Triumph (Michelotti), Lotus (Giugiaro)


31 March 2019

the current crop of Skodas are just slightly rejigged VW's, the corrent BMW range is terrible, and the Veyron is not exactly pleasing, all I can say is WHY? They should have looked at someone like Thomas Ingenlath.


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