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Italian named most influential person in the automotive industry

Renault Group boss Luca de Meo has been named the most powerful person in the automotive industry after topping Autocar Business’s Power List 100 rankings for 2023, sponsored by Keyloop.

De Meo has been recognised for his tenacity and business acumen, which have allowed him to drag an ailing Renault Group back to financial competitiveness. When he joined Renault in 2020, it was in one of the deepest financial holes ever faced by a global automotive company after losing €8bn the previous year. 

Despite the pressures of the pandemic, de Meo led Renault to scrape a profit in 2021, before doubling it to €2.6bn in 2022 on a margin of 5.6%. While healthy for a large-volume player like Renault, it was in 2023 that the company broke its all-time margin record of 7% with a 7.6% result on profits of €2.12bn.

De Meo’s competence and willingness to make tough decisions, such as shifting the company’s launch focus to bigger segments, has given Renault the ability not just to survive but to strongly compete in a fast-changing market beset by challenges.

Autocar editor Mark Tisshaw said: “It is always difficult to rank such high-performing individuals, but careful consideration of our criteria and the drive and talent of those on this list make for an impressive roster of innovative automotive figures. 

“Luca de Meo’s improbable climb to the top of this chart is testament to the extraordinary turnaround he has achieved at the Renault Group, negotiating a series of unique bear traps that might have undone a lesser executive. His pragmatic approach to the alliance with Nissan and his judicious decisions made in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine are testament to his position at the top of our Power List 100.

“The fact that 20% of our top 10 powerbrokers operate from China also shows how rapidly this industry is changing due to new technologies, environmental concerns and shifting influence dynamics.”

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De Meo said: “I am immensely honoured by this award. It recognises the titanic work done by the Renault Group team over the last three years, transforming in-depth this great company to put it back where it deserves, at the forefront of innovation. 

“Actually, all this is much more than a classical turnaround. Beyond structurally restoring the group’s financials and preparing its best line-up in three decades, we are turning Renault into a new kind of car company: ready for the future, more horizontal, partnering with the best to cover an incredibly broader, more diverse and volatile value chain than in the last 150 years; focusing dedicated and agile teams on EV and software, circular economy, distinctive sports cars, new mobility and ICE cars. 

“Few people would have bet that the Renault Group would be able to get there in only three years. We keep humble and focused because the challenges ahead are very tough, but we also know that we have put ourselves in the condition to lead the new automotive game that is emerging. Count on us to keep surprising you in the coming months and years!”

How are the 100 names in Autocar's Power List chosen?

The Power List ranks the world's 100 most influencial automotive heads, based on the following criteria: global reach and influence, spending power, share of voice, technological influence, future growth potential and market capitalisation. 

The top 10 are ranked and the remaining 90 names on the list are grouped into categories, including executives from more traditional car makers to the rising powerhouses from China and the latest technology and mobility companies. 

These names were chosen by the editors of Autocar Business, the B2B product from the publisher of Autocar, designed to bring industry readers even closer to the inner workings and key players of the global automotive industry.

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