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Land Rover sales recovering; Defender struggling compared to stablemates

Land Rover’s recovery from poor sales in 2009 is continuing apace, although the Defender’s comeback isn’t going as well as its stablemates’.

Defender figures depend on government sales – and since those areas of economies worldwide are now facing fresh cutbacks, the sales numbers are proving slow to recover.

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Land Rover’s sales crasheed in 2008 but have since recovered well. Land Rover sales for August 2010 were 12,432, a year-on-year increase of 28 per cent.

This has taken the cumulative sales for the fiscal year to date (April 2010 to August 2010) to 67,840, an increase on 2009 of 52 per cent.

UK sales for the first five months of 2010 were up 60 per cent year-on-year and rose by 64 per cent year-on-year in May.

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Sales of the Range Rover saw the biggest increase, up 121 per cent on May 2009. Discovery sales were up 87 per cent, Range Rover Sport sales were up 58 per cent, Freelander sales rose 60 per cent and Defender sales were up 32 per cent.See all the latest Land Rover reviews, news and video

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Cheltenhamshire 20 September 2010

Re: Defender sales 'slowing'

coolboy wrote:

it started with a shy diesel and now it roars V8s and the likes...

LR could also do the same...

They sort of did in the US in the early noughties with a SWB 90 with injected V8 (190 BHP) and lots of toys. Sold well to playboys and film stars etc.

coolboy 20 September 2010

Re: Defender sales 'slowing'

this vehicle is dated since long time, and as for utilities sales, there are more capable out there, so don`t surprise me at all.

indeed IMHO LR sould look what thosee German bastards have done with their M-B "service car" G-series:

it started with a shy diesel and now it roars V8s and the likes...

LR could also do the same...

Freelance journo 20 September 2010

Re: Defender sales 'slowing'

Does anyone have a link where we can see these figures for ourselves? I'll tell you why. I've often moaned about the fact that when LR show a concept car, or even their TV ads, they ALWAYS show a left-hand drive car (even the Evoque). This bugs the hell out of me, as it's a 'British' car. When I moaned about this to an LR man he told me it was because they export so much of their total production. I'm suspicious of this and would like to see the figures. Anyone?

To reinforce Lotus Man's point, all I could find on Google was this: