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A worthy upgrade that will keep the Freelander at the sharp end of shortlists
11 September 2010

What is it?

Land Rover seems to be on to a good thing with this, its latest version of the Freelander 2.

It's not enough to deliver better fuel economy and lower emissions these days. Buyers want more poke as well. The revised 2.2-litre turbodiesel in this model offers more power and torque than the old spec, at the same time meeting Euro 5 emissions standards and improving its CO2 and economy figures.

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The new motor is available in two states of tune: TD4, which has 148bhp and comes with a manual gearbox (an auto is a £1515 option), or the SD4, tested here, which has 187bhp and is available with the six-speed automatic transmission only.

In this range-topping HSE trim, it will set you back an eye-watering £35,510. At that price, Land Rover will need to have improved the Freelander’s interior feel, fit and finish. For the most part that’s been achieved.

What's it like?

It’s a lot more Range Rover-like in there, in terms of dashboard architecture, and most of the materials used are of a higher quality than before (HSE brings swish leather, which adds to the luxury).

Some of the bits you actually touch – switchgear for the heater controls and the stereo – remain oddly chunky and plasticky, mind you, so this still feels like a cabin built for hard use more than plush cruising.

On the road, the new motor pulls strongly from low revs, while the six-speed auto shifts smoothly and avoids clumsy moments.

The powertrain isn’t exactly quiet, though; BMW’s X3 xDrive20d, the SD4’s rival on price and performance, would be a bit more refined through the rev range. Once you’re up to speed, though, the Freelander’s engine fades into the background; it’s a decent motorway cruiser.

The chassis set-up feels little changed – which is to say that it’s comfortable and composed, albeit with steering that’s quite aggressive around the straight ahead. And the Freelander’s trump card – its class-leading off-road ability – is still at the core of the package.


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Should I buy one?

This is a worthy upgrade, then. It does feel like a refresh more than an entire new model generation, but even that should be enough to keep the Freelander at the sharp end of plenty of shortlists.

John McIllroy

Land Rover Freelander SD4 190

Price: £35,510; Top speed: 118mph; 0-62mph: 8.7sec; Economy: 40.4mpg; CO2: 185g/km; Kerb weight: na; Engine, type, cc: 4 cyls, 2179cc, turbodiesel; Power: 187bhp; Torque: 310lb ft; Gearbox: 6-spd auto

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16 September 2010

If that's the improved interior, the old one must have been awful! What a huge expanse of boring grey plastic. A Vauxhall Astra has a better interior.

16 September 2010

'It does feel like a refresh more than an entire new model generation'

Why does the article bother saying this, as its so obviously not a new model...?

16 September 2010

The interior looks the same as the previous one to me. Nice car but at £35k I'd want it to look like £35k, and that exhaust pipe looks more suited to a Perodua Nippa!

16 September 2010

Hmm, would much rather the 6mth Old discovery 3.0TDV6 GS with 5K on it in my local dealership..

16 September 2010

35 k is far far too much..... the freelander has been shifted away from its practical roots in attempt to make it into a less stylish rangie. they need to rethink the boot(far to high a load lip and impossible to get dogs into),reinstate a separate opening rear window and most of all drop the prices a long way. they drive very well i know,but i dont want a car i want a decent 4wd load lugger like my current freelander sport which i wouldnt change for a fl2.


16 September 2010

How much!

A Swedish friend told me that in their home market Volvo's sell for less than elsewhere, this keeps the marque popular in their home market.

Hard to define but car companies need roots. LR obviously thinks this means you can charge them more because they still keep coming back.

16 September 2010

Is this a new engine or just the old one revamped? If its the old one why did they not just get the new 2.2 PSA engine with 200bhp?

16 September 2010

£35.5k for an X1 or a Tiguan rival... PMSL. It's £10k too expensive.

Do Landrover actually sell any Freelanders? I can't remember the last time I saw a newish on the road.

16 September 2010

they sell loads unfortunately and mostly high spec versions which drive the second hand price up too.....

16 September 2010

I cant believe the price and it looks the same as the old one.

Interesting when you compare it to the Jeep patriot also currently on the autocar homepage. The Patriot starts at 20 Grand cheaper than this! Ok its a bit smaller but still.


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