You'd think the designers at Volkswagen have opened the windows, let some fresh air in and changed the radio station playing in the design studio given some of the recent designs we've had out of the place.

First in this new era of post-Dieselgate VW came the ID family, followed by the far-out Sedric concept, but it was the smart-looking Arteon, a fine attempt at a 4 Series Gran Coupé alternative, that really brought some style and swagger to proceedings.

The Volkswagen T-Roc has been revealed. Read more here 

And now we have the T-Roc SUV. The T-Roc is no huge deviation from the design theme that clearly serves VW very well, and it's not too hard to spot some Audi Q2 and other VW MQBness in there, but it does offer something different away from merely being a 'Golf SUV', crucially in the things that also mark it out as an SUV.