Hard to think of a good reason why Lotus wouldn’t bring back the Elan, what with the cachet of that great name and the ambition of the company’s new Geely-led management, which among other assets has access to an enticing collection of Volvo/Geely/Lynk&Co running gear.

Lotus’s sibling companies have already conquered many of the problems that might have deterred others thinking of a lowish-volume roadster for global sale.

As well as access to major components, Lotus already knows what kind of chassis to use. It has an enviable understanding of bonded riveted aluminium structures and has even put recent time into defeating the system’s biggest problem as demonstrated on the Elise: awkward ingress and egress. Bigger doors and lower sills are now pretty simple to provide.

Lotus lovers – and the company’s long-suffering dealers – will hear this news (if news it be) and welcome the future. It’s very hard to think of five words in Lotus language that could have a more beneficial impact on business than these: “They’re bringing back the Elan.”


All-new Lotus model due next year