Now, we’ve all experienced those moments when all you can do is laugh helplessly. But earlier this year I had an unusually good one.

We were staying at my partner’s parents’ house for the weekend, and a friend of her father's dropped by. Let’s call him Malcy, because that’s his name. Finding ourselves alone for a moment, Malcy and I got talking and eventually the subject turned to what it is I’m lucky enough to do for a living. 

Malcy, it turns out, quite likes cars. So we talked about fast cars, and then old cars, and finally – his preferred subset and, truth be told, mine also – fast, old cars, at which point my new friend became wistful. 

"D’you know what the one car I really wanted was?"

"Go on…" 

"Three-litre CSL. I cannot put into words how badly I wanted one of those," he said in his faint Lancastrian accent, scrunching up his face to convey 49 years of lust.  

"There’s one in the garage."


Reader, there really was a 1973 3.0-litre CSL in the garage, and we split our sides at the complete ridiculousness of it all. 

Bmw csl 4

As for how it came to be there… Not all manufacturers take their heritage seriously, but BMW isn’t one of them. At its base in Farnborough, the UK operation maintains a fleet of classics, including an E30-generation M3, E34-gen M5, an immaculate E39 M5, and an M3 CSL.