Alpina B5 50 Edition

Alpina B5 Edition 50 2015-2016

Anniversary edition of Alpina's hot 5 Series gets 591bhp and can hit 204mph. Is it now a match for a Panamera Turbo?

Alpina XD3

Alpina XD3

Alpina's fast-but-frugal SUV gets a mid-life refresh with styling tweaks and an even more comfortable chassis set-up. Is the overall package still strong?

From £56,4509
Alpina D4 Biturbo Coupé

Alpina D4 Biturbo

Hot sleek diesel offers the potential of 0-60mph in 4.6sec and 53.3mpg economy

From £52,0009
Alpina B4 Biturbo

Alpina B4 Biturbo

Alpina’s most direct swipe at a BMW M car yet produces an almost entirely convincing result

From £63,0008
Alpina D3

Alpina D3 Biturbo

The Alpina D3 is perhaps the most desirable saloon car yet in the 'real world'

From £48,00010
Alpina B3 Biturbo

Alpina B3 Biturbo

Niche manufacturer Alpina serves up its take on a fast, six-pot 3 Series

From £51,3509
Alpina XD3 Biturbo

Alpina XD3 Biturbo 2011-2014

The Alpina XD3 Biturbo is judged to perfection; fast, rewarding and no less versatile than any BMW X3

From £54,9509
Alpina B6 Biturbo

Alpina B6 Biturbo

Niche car maker goes large with its repurposed twin-turbo V8 6 Series

From £96,9508
Alpina B3 GTS

Alpina B3 GT3 2011-2013

Race-bred limited edition coaxes the B3’s full potential out into the open. Fast, focused and a whole lot of fun

Alpina D5

Alpina D5 2011-2016

In its own way, the Alpina D5 feels every bit as monstrous as what’s on offer in the latest BMW M5

Alpina B7

Alpina B7 2009-2015

The Alpina B7 super-luxobarge makes a modicum of sense on Germany's derestricted autobahns, but not for the UK

Alpina B3 Biturbo

Alpina B3 2007-2013

The Alpina B3 is a hugely appealing alternative for those seeking a hot 3-series with a difference. But is it better than an M3?

Alpina B5

Alpina B5 2011-2016

The Alpina B5 is very quick, but it is let down by uninvolving driving dynamics


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