Car review

Alpina D3 S

The first hybrid Alpina in history reprises one of the marque’s best-loved recipes

2 February 2021
Car review

Alpina B3 Touring

Uniquely close and historic BMW partner delivers its latest everyday supercar

13 November 2020
Car review

Alpina XB7

Alpina’s most powerful SUV to date builds on the strengths of the M50i with outstanding pace and impressive dynamic traits

3 August 2020
Car review

Alpina B3

Bavaria's alternative M3 gets an added injection of performance and dynamic polish

3 July 2020
Car review

Alpina XD3

Neat and pleasant BMW SUV impressively enhanced with all the usual stuff from the Alpina toolkit. Pricey, mind

31 May 2019
Car review

Alpina B7

Alpina's latest take on the 7 Series packs more performance than a limousine could ever need, but how does it handle?

20 May 2019
Car review

Alpina D5 S

The latest executive express from the masters of fast diesels is a fabulous machine, but the current it's swimming against is very strong

From £73,8668
21 February 2018
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Car review

Alpina B5

Alpina has turned its hand to fine-tuning the already impressive 5 Series and created a pair of 600bhp behemoths, giving BMW a trio that will concern its rivals

30 June 2017
Car review

Alpina B5 Edition 50 2015-2016

Anniversary edition of Alpina's hot 5 Series gets 591bhp and can hit 204mph. Is it now a match for a Panamera Turbo?

30 June 2015
Car review

Alpina XD3 2014-2018

Alpina's fast-but-frugal SUV gets a mid-life refresh with styling tweaks and an even more comfortable chassis set-up. Is the overall package still strong?

From £56,4509
23 April 2015
Car review

Alpina D4 Biturbo 2014-2019

Hot sleek diesel offers the potential of 0-60mph in 4.6sec and 53.3mpg economy

From £52,0009
24 November 2014