14 November 2013

"One goal: to be the best driver's car on road and track." So said the scribbled notes from a meeting in 2009 when McLaren's boffins sat down to sketch out a successor to the legendary Mclaren F1 supercar.

Writing it down is the easy part, of course. Where McLaren is different is that it has turned that lofty goal into a reality. With McLaren, we have come to expect success, be it from its racing glory, road car expertise or myriad other projects to which it is applying its expertise.

The McLaren P1 is not merely a staggering car; it is also a standard bearer for all that McLaren Automotive stands for. It rekindles memories of the passion and performance of the F1, crowns the technical achievements of the 12C and underlines the levels of prowess that are being poured into future models. New car stories don't get any bigger.

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14 November 2013
Yes, a great feat of engineering, no doubt,but something so rare will not be remembered for long because of that very fact.

28 November 2013
Not sure I understand the logic behind the argument that, because it will be rare it will not be remembered. The most memorable cars are nearly always the rarest. Take the Ferrari 250GTO, fewer than 40 ever made yet most aficionados' idea of the ultimate collectors "super car" of its day. And the market backs it up with values approaching priceless.

14 November 2013
Hyperbole more like, and with hardly any superlatives left to use when they unveil the next one.


14 November 2013
Nuff chit chat, video review please!

14 November 2013
You urgently need to get someone else to do your voiceovers.

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