3 February 2023

It’s hard to believe that the Alpine A110 is nearly six years old, isn’t it?

This brilliant coupe first snuck into our soft spot back in 2017, providing enjoyment like no other car on sale.

As good as the basic car is, though, Alpine always seems to run into trouble when trying to improve it. The A110 S couldn’t really improve on the base model’s fun simplicity, but now there’s a new version that’s trying to do that.

Called the A110 R, it’s the most hardcore Alpine yet. With no rear window, a sensibly-sized rear wing and carbon fibre everywhere, it certainly looks the part, and there’s a whole host of upgrades that you can’t see too, including improved brake cooling and a trick suspension system.

Although the R has lost a lot of weight when compared to the original A110, it now costs a lot more. This one starts at £89,990 - a lot of money for a car with no more power than its base version.

Is it worth it? Join Matt Saunders as he finds out.


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405line 6 April 2023

Gordon Murray admitted to taken one A110's of these apart in order to develop his new "lower priced" sports car, he thought it was that good, if you know about G. Murray (and I'm sure that you do) that's very, very high praise indeed.

Bimfan 4 February 2023

Seems hard to justify the price, like all these 'special' racing editions and still sounds disappointingly flat and droning. will sell in tiny numbers, probably expected by Alpine.

ToriAarya 3 February 2023

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