11 November 2022

Tuned versions of regular cars used to be all the rage. Aftermarket firms such as Tickford were household names, building up a following by taking normal cars and making them go much faster than their manufacturers intended them to go.

But that’s all in the past, right? Wrong. The aftermarket scene is more alive today than it ever was, with a huge number of brands ready to modify almost everything on sale. We’ve brought along three of our favourites to see what they’re like on the road - there’s a supercharged Mazda MX-5 from BBR GTI, a 360bhp Ford Focus ST by Mountune and a very fast (and very loud) Toyota GR Yaris from Litchfield.

Join Matt Prior, James Disdale and Illya Verpraet as they see if these modifications are worth the extra cost.

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mikesalt13 12 November 2022

1569 kg for the GR Yaris? You might want to check that one. Methinks the weight of the GR Corolla might have been used by mistake. 

mikesalt13 12 November 2022

Actually, even the GR Corolla is lighter than that. No idea where that figure comes from. 

Bob Cholmondeley 13 November 2022

In the road test, on this site, weight is qouted as 1283Kgs (DIN). Toyota's brochure claims 1280Kgs.