14 October 2022

We’re familiar enough with the Ferrari 296 GTB to say that we absolutely love it. Ferrari took a risk when they decided to fit it with a hybrid V6 powertrain, but it certainly paid off – it’s something of a benchmark for other cars in class, combining a genuinely fun driving experience with a frankly ludicrous amount of speed.

Well, now there’s a convertible version. It’s got the same 819bhp setup as the coupe, and Ferrari says that it’s just as fast. However, convertible supercars can be somewhat hit or miss - the lack of a solid roof means that you need extra strengthening throughout, which can add a fair chunk of weight, and if there isn’t enough of it then the driving experience can be seriously compromised when compared to its hardtop counterpart.

So, has Ferrari managed to create an open-top 296 that drives just as well as the coupe? Join Richard Lane as attacks the mountain passes of Italy to find out.

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