5 May 2022

The Range Rover is a staple luxury SUV. It's a car that, unlike some other Land Rovers of recent times, like the Land Rover Discovery and Land Rover Defender, has not needed reinventing. A new one arrives and we expect it to play precisely the same role as the outgoing one, only better.

How, then, does this latest-generation Range Rover get on? It, as previous-generation Range Rovers, has a mostly-aluminium structure and an interior clad with the finest materials. Because it's sold in so many countries, it comes with a huge range of engines and even in two wheelbase lengths. There'll be full internal combustion, mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid and a pure electric variant is coming.

It arrives costing nearly £100,000 and will take the fight to other luxury SUVs like the Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes G-Class and more.

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Cobnapint 6 May 2022
Does it come with AA membership...?
TS7 6 May 2022
It will, of course, be better than the previous version, and it will, of course, better its competitors in every quantifiable measure. However, the inevitable, and always asked given LR's reputation, question is: just how reliable will it be? A quick drive, and indeed a 'long' (6 months isn't long by the way) term test will not answer that. It matters not a jot how capable and luxurious a vehicle it is if one walks out to it and see it sagging on failed air suspension after less than a year's ownership.
Roger Carr 5 May 2022

Bit weird if Land Rover won't actually let you film or video their new masterpiece. OCD or paranoia?