31 January 2023

People have wanted a BMW M3 Touring for as long as Munich’s sports saloon has been on the road, but the firm has stubbornly refused to build one, save for a concept based on the E46-generation M3 that it kept secret for upwards of ten years.

However, that’s finally changed. It’s taken nearly 40 years and six generations of M3, but you can now walk into a BMW dealership and place an order for an M3 that you can take on a tip run.

Only available in top-rung Competition spec, the M3 Touring is powered by the turbocharged S58 straight-six, sending a whopping 503bhp to all four wheels. That means it’ll hit 0-62mph in just 3.6sec, and it won’t stop accelerating until it hits 174mph.

Join Richard Lane as he gives this super-estate a quick blast across the cold countryside.


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