25 March 2023


The Toyota GR86 is one of the most hyped-up cars of the past few years.

There are good reasons for it - it’s brilliantly balanced, great looking and a whole lot of fun. However, as a result of this, you physically can’t buy a new one - the entire UK allocation sold out within 90 minutes of it going on sale here.

However, we were trawling the online classifieds when we were supposed to be working and found one for sale for £40,000 - coincidentally, the same price as the new Ford Focus ST Track Pack.

With 276bhp on tap, this Ford is significantly more powerful than the Toyota, not to mention faster - it’ll hit 62mph in just 5.7sec, compared to the GR86’s 6.3sec time. However, it is of course front-wheel drive, and it’s over 150kg heavier than the similarly-priced coupe.

So, how do they stack up on track? We sent Richard Lane out to the fantastic Anglesey Circuit with instructions to drive around it in the Focus ST as fast as he could while Matt Prior tried to chase him down in the GR86. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen…


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xxxx 27 March 2023

Don't see why auto car help Toyota with free advertising for cars they no longer supply.

jason_recliner 27 March 2023

Focus THRASHED it! Cool Britannia!!!

Tuatara 27 March 2023

Predictable outcome. The Focus is quicker around the track, whereas the Tr86 is a well balanced driver's machine as per all the rave reviews it received.

xxxx 27 March 2023

Cool Germany you mean.

jason_recliner 27 March 2023
Excellent engines made in England!
DorothyWilliams 25 March 2023

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