22 April 2023

If you were given a clean sheet of paper, what would your dream car look like?

For two Australian brothers, this is it. It’s called the Spartan, and it’s a Can-Am inspired track toy.

With a full carbonfibre chassis, a manual gearbox and a Honda engine, it’s like nothing else on the planet. Despite appearances, it’s road legal, too.

It weighs just 700kg, but has 454bhp in the supercharged form seen here, meaning that it’s got a power-to-weight ratio of 657bhp per tonne. For comparison, the eye-wateringly fast Porsche 918 hypercar only has 523bhp per tonne. It’s safe to say that this new contender is a proper monster.

But is it as intimidating to drive as it sounds? Join Richard Lane as he heads to Anglesey Circuit to find out if the Spartan really is a dream come true.

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jason_recliner 23 April 2023
Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!