3 February 2013

Steve Cropley rides in the all-new Jaguar F-type with engineering chief Mike Cross to understand the work that has gone into the creation of one of 2013's most desirable new cars.

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3 February 2013

Agree with Steve, the V6 sounds better,with 380bhp?.....that's more than enough in Britain anyway.

Peter Cavellini.

5 February 2013

I've seen a few on the road now (or maybe it was the same car as they were all red) and think they look superb. 

That v6 sounds great and 380bhp is enough for me.

3 February 2013

For the sound rather a XK engine...


3 February 2013

I have a 5ltr XKR which is almost too fast for our roads. You need a lot of space to use the engines full power by which time you will be attracting a lot of attention. 

I love the sound of my V8 but think the V6 sounds great but different.i also think you will be able to use the power of the V6 more easily and with less weight it may be a better steer.

The V8 starts at around £79k which puts up against some very focused rivals. I will be interested to see how the V6 and V8 fare against rivals from Porsche, Aston Martin etc.

I have a supercharged F type on order and can't wait to test drive the car.

Roll on summer!

3 February 2013

I'm glad they did the video but the questions could be a little less sycophantic while still respectful of Mike Cross's standing.  Also I got a little tired of watcing the repeats of the V6 going round the lefthand hairpin over and over.  Why no video of the tail-out stuff in the still photographs?  Very nice car - it does look like a Maserati in front but it's so hard these days to come up with something no one else has done that isn't awful like the new Lexus nose.

3 February 2013

The V6 version seems much louder and more exciting than the V8 - a real sportscar sound! The V8 more like a tourer. The looks of the F-Type are also growing on me - I really disliked it at first, seemed like a fat Honda S2000.

The rear-half of the car is better stylistically than the front, and the dash is modern but doeasn't resemble that of a Jag at all, could be from anywhere. Overall, nice - but I still prefer the new Cayman. 


3 February 2013

i drove past while this was being recorded...very sexy cars!

5 February 2013

Autocar honoured Mike Cross tonight but how much better would video have been with Crazy Dave or EJ replacing tiresome overawed Steve Cropley?

6 February 2013

In what way, shape or form is this video "exclusive", comapred to every other car mag, blog, website and Charley's aunt that also attended the same passenger ride[s] - and produced copious editorial attempting to justify such a blatant PR-fuelled brown nose fest??

7 February 2013

The car looks lovely , BUT why do we have to have the fixed roll over bars ?

They totally spoil the line of the car .  Cant be for cheapness at the price of the car .

Car is much too expensive , probably by about £10-£12 k

Current XKR seems much better value , but the public will decide when the f type comes on the used market

Also ,where exactly is the road that is used for testing.





Ken Chisholm


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