21 February 2014

The Porsche Macan Turbo might owe its underpinnings to the Audi Q5, but you'll not mind much else from Audi here. What Porsche has done in the development of the Macan is not only build a compact SUV that's ferociously fast and superb fun to drive, but established a new benchmark on which to measure SUV dynamics.

In this exclusive test drive, Steve Sutcliffe puts the Macan to the test on track.

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21 February 2014
About his question. I reckon most owners in colder climates should learn something about the chassis, as after all when it gets really slippery, I mean really - really. The car's underlying balance ought to be pretty - revealed, And you don't then need high speeds.

21 February 2014
Almost 10 years ago Subaru sold a Forester which hit 60 in 5.3 seconds, was 400 kg lighter and would slide around with wonderful balance all day long. It oversteers on request, especially if you left-foot brake at turn-in. It's huge fun on slippery conditions and gravel and cost a fraction to buy or run.

You also wouldn't have someone telling you not to switch the traction off - because it never had traction control. It had a bunch of traditional mechanical diffs doing their thing in a predictable manner.

Here's a challenge for you Autocar. Get a Prodrive 2.5 XT and a Macan and see which is most fun on a slippery surface. I'd love to see which was quicker down a rally stage - more power and electronics or less weight and mechanical grip.

21 February 2014
Indeed... all I could think when watching this was 'My XT's like that'

Different in so many ways but still, very similar in others.
And it sounds better,I think!

21 February 2014
Ha haa, the campest bollocking ever!

21 February 2014
The disparity between the 2.2 litre Evoque, and the new 3.0 litre V6 Macan, in this week’s magazine’s mis-matched comparison, only serves to emphasise the differentiation within the SUV market segment that is recognised and understood by Jaguar’s product planners.

However, the comparison was not totally irrelevant. If the magazine “copy” is kept on-file, Autocar will be able to DELETE the words Porsche and Macan, and save time and effort by INSERTNG the words Jaguar and C-X17 SUV.

What was not addressed within this week’s mis-matched comparison is the capability of the Evoque, and the Macan, off-road.

Whilst undoubtedly a “style-icon” it is the Evoque’s ability in the mud that has undoubtedly contributed to its success . . . . where is a copy of that press advertisement from Land-Rover, featuring the elegant Zara Phillips, in her gorgeous - muddy - evening gown . . . .

21 February 2014
Forecast the the Macan will contribute to more than 50% of Porsche revenues & even more to the company's profits

21 February 2014
RCT V wrote:

it is the Evoque’s ability in the mud that has undoubtedly contributed to its success

Do you honestly believe that?! I doubt it even occurs to 99% of people who buy an Evoque. Off-roading Evoques are the preserve of journos at Eastnor Castle and never-to-be-repeated-in-the-real-world advertising photos. I presume your reference to a mis-matched magazine comparison was because the Evoque has a 2.2 l4 and the Macan a 3.0 V6?

21 February 2014
Surely being good on a racetrack is hardly high up in the list of desirable traits for a typical SUV buyer?
Why not just buy an actual sportscar.

22 February 2014
Not really. The car have to seem heavy.
It will be perfect with a 2.0 TDI and FWD.

21 February 2014
Bomb I think that 99% of people who buy an Evoque are perfectly aware of its off-road capability because the salesman would have gone on and on about it. While 99% will never avail themselves of its capabilities, they like the cachet. Same with very fast cars; 99% will never approach the car's limits, except maybe full-bore acceleration to about 90mph (always in a straight line and followed by early braking).


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