26 May 2014

Autocar's Steve Sutcliffe tests the new flagship GTS variant of the Porsche Cayman to see if it's worth the premium.

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Peter Cavellini 25 May 2014

Ho hum..........

Have both!, no,serious face on now,they are two different cars,one is a sports car, the other is a Family car which if your in the mood and alone can be a hoot to drive quickly,yes, the Porsche will drive rings round it,but, to get the best out of the Porsche,to get a real rush from it,you have to do track days,it's safer,non point getting,only the issue of ruining your tyres and thus having to get new ones detracts from the ownership,the M3,well,who needs track days when there's still fun when out for a drive just feeling the grip,using the torque etc,all this and decent mpg for the performance,yep, it's down to preference.
david RS 24 May 2014

Why buy a P1 or La Ferrari?

Why buy a P1 or La Ferrari?
Matty_Hall 24 May 2014

Steve, you are the best in

Steve, you are the best in the industry at making the viewer feel as if they are in the cockpit with you. Excellent video and excellent car! Thanks.