12 June 2014

Nissan's all-wheel-drive GT-R powerhouse takes on Jaguar's monstrously quick V8-powered F-type R coupé around the twists and turns of The Snake, our gruelling handling circuit. Can the Big Cat defeat Godzilla? Steve Sutcliffe referees the contest.

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12 June 2014
Yet another defeat for a JLR product, this is happening a lot lately.

12 June 2014
I really don't think anyone would expect the Jag to be quicker point to point than a GTR. Does this mean that everyone considering an F-type R will now buy the GTR instead? No. I wonder why that is? Any ideas, cerbman?

12 June 2014
Wow, seeing those 2 next to each other serves to highlight how old Godzilla is looking now. It looks ancient! And about as elegant as a barn door.
Can't deny its capability but i'm going off it.

12 June 2014
I would still much rather have the F-Type on the driveway than the GTR

12 June 2014
Why does that matter if the GTR is faster than the F-Tyre or if the Jag was second best in this particular test cerbman? Who really gives a monkeys if the Nissan is faster around a track? If you're after an F-Type, the GTR would probably not be on your list. Similarly if you want the 911, the GTR showroom would more than likely be bypassed

12 June 2014
When it comes down to it, it's a matter of what you want from your Car,personally, i'd want all the help i can get.i don't want a Car with a lively rear end,and, if i over step the limit, i want to know that the electronic aids are there,whether the GTR is a thing of beauty to look at doesn't matter,for the money it's good,ok, not cheap for most,but, if your thinking of buying,your obviously can afford to buy.

Peter Cavellini.

12 June 2014
I would love something like the Jaguar Coupe for the way it looks. But I am not Steve Sutcliffe. His driving skills are sublime.

I recently took an MX5 1.8 on a test drive, and loved it. It is a quick car and is easy to drive. So give it the Jag 150-200 bhp engine and reduce the Tyre size accordingly , and they will have built the most amazing road car .

Alas, I am expecting an "even hotter version" with 9000bhp to keep up with the Jones's.

12 June 2014
It'd be pretty damn bad for Nissan if the GT-R had lost, given that class-beating performance is the car's #1 selling point. Jaguar already has *that* styling, *that* engine note, *that* chassis... if it was the fastest car in its class too, then nobody would ever buy a GT-R.

12 June 2014
When the GTR first appeared I must admit it was the only car that was on my dream list, on reflection it was all about the numbers and the price was even cheaper than todays GTR making it even more attractive, today though you can get this F- Type which while it may be slower round the track is sublime. It's a thing of beauty and given that I would be using it on the road not track might just persuade me. I wonder if I can persuade me wife !

 Offence can only be taken not given- so give it back!

12 June 2014
Wow! 7 years on from 2007 and the GT-R can still evoke superlatives such as "awesome car" from one of the Britain's best car journalists. Yes it has been massaged and tweaked but fundamentally it is the same hardware. Still have huge presence on the road if not to everyone's taste. Remember this from the car maker that stopped selling the Almera in 2006!!!! 1 year on they came out with this! We must celebrate manufacturers that are willing to take huge risks, otherwise luxurious and performance orientated vehicles will remain exclusively for the rich. Ford have only just taken upon itself to sell the hugely evocative Mustang brand officially in the UK. Only took 50 years for them to grow some balls!

The F type convertible looked a bit chinzy in my opinion but the coupe really makes a better case for itself, especially in white. Both the XK and F type look lovely from the rear haunches but the front is less resolved. Yes the GTR is packing 4WD hardware and a clever large rear transaxle but it still is lardy. No excuses for the Jag, it is made out of aluminium, should weigh at least 100kg less than it does. Porsche always has a first up advantage in that their design ethos really focus on keeping weight down from the onset of the initial design. Performance gains are lot easier thereafter. I am sure Colin Chapman is quietly held in very high regard Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.


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