12 June 2014

Nissan's all-wheel-drive GT-R powerhouse takes on Jaguar's monstrously quick V8-powered F-type R coupé around the twists and turns of The Snake, our gruelling handling circuit. Can the Big Cat defeat Godzilla? Steve Sutcliffe referees the contest.

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bowsersheepdog 28 July 2014

still only one

if i were fortunate enough to have the choice it would be an easy decision. i would have the gtr. it's a far more handsome machine, it has a purposeful look about it, athletic and muscular yet sleek and poised. when one drives by it makes you stand and watch till it goes from view, wanting to be driving it. the f-type is just ok. like the e-type before it i don't see what the fuss is about. neither of them moves me in the way jaguar's saloons do. the xf and xj are far more appealing cars to me than the f-type or the bloated xk, though i wish the xj had retained the twin round headlamps and i hope they will return as they did before. the s-type too is more desirable to me than the sports cars. the only jaguar that has ever won my heart which wasn't a saloon (or a racing car) was the xjs, which is actually my favourite jaguar of all and in my top twenty cars of all time.
supermanuel 14 June 2014

No comparison

The GTR is an immense machine that, I'm sure, deserves the respect it is given and I have a soft spot for Nissan, having loved a couple of Datsuns in my youth. However, I would take the F-Type every single time. I'd even have the base V6 over the GTR. I'm getting old obviously but the Nissan just does not appeal to me on any level, in spite of my certainty that it's an amazing car. I'd happily throw it around a track, and undoubtedly have a great time doing so, but I wouldn't pay my own money for one.
AHYL88 27 June 2014

@supermanuel Hmhm, it's one

@supermanuel Hmhm, it's one of things I didn't like about the GTR even when it came out; it's high level of computer systems and tech it's stuffed with, despite what I did study! I'd take the F-Type without hesitation as well; it's plenty fast enough and is a lot more elegant to admire and just look at. It's just sublime. I do agree, the GTR is a amazing track-car weapon and can demolish a lot of the competition, but it just looks so old and dated and nowhere near as pretty as the F-Type; seeing the GTR on the roads, it really hardly stands out that much despite its size. And given how fresher and newer, albeit slower, the competition is, I think it's time for Nissan to bring out a new replacement for the GTR now.
Cobnapint 14 June 2014

Good review Sutters

After seeing a GTR pulling away at a Bruntingthorpe drivers experience day a few years ago, I knew the outcome of this before Steve even started talking. All I can say is 'violent'.
However, this comparison was worth the unleaded, and I'd have a less powerful F-Type over a GTR any day. The R looks like it would be a tiresome handful in the wet.