18 October 2013

How fast is a Nissan 370Z Nismo around Autocar's legendary test track, affectionately known as The Snake? Steve Sutcliffe turns the speed dial up to 11 to find out.

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18 October 2013

The big Nissan certainly posted a good time against some much posher opposition. Probably not surprising as standard 370Zs have always offered plenty of bang-for-your-buck appeal. No commentary on how it felt to drive, though.

18 October 2013

This could be an interesting comparison for performance cars when you've collated a load. Drove the snake a tad slower than this on the MINI launch 12 years ago, good fun.

You might need to check the location stats, though. I'm pretty sure it's not 201m above sea level....

18 October 2013

Nice one!

20 October 2013

Interesting figures,the M5 was only 4secs behind the rally car,the rest?,as expected,the Nissan did nothing that you'd expect it to do,so Steve, did you have the Clubs there?,because it would have been more interesting,wouldn't it?

21 October 2013

One thing stood out about that video, what a dull sounding V6.

27 October 2013


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