2 April 2014

The Ducati 1199 Panigale S is a mould-breaking superbike, but how will it fare against one of our favourite supercars, the McLaren 12C? Will the McLaren's sheer power and incredible braking power be too much for the Ducati? Or will the Panigale's epic power to weight ratio rule the day?

Our last supercar vs superbike outing saw the Nissan GT-R beat a Ducati 1098 at Cadwell - will the Panigale level the score this time out?

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JJ BLADE 7 February 2014

Maths of a 2 year old.

Judging by all the comments M. Langton has posted he is probably younger than that, as he has no ability to work out simple sums, poor soul, never intelligent enough to get a bike licence, let alone ride one, probably why he is so bitter and never will be able to afford a car fast enough anyway. Better keep polishing your medallions and preening your chest wig.
T Russell 7 February 2014


I bet everyone on here who say's ' only 1.6 seconds ( that equates to about 80yds btw) 'extra 600 hp per tonne' etc etc doesn't ride a bike. Its a subjective test and that's the end of it - get over yourself . My own car will supposedly do 182mph, but for thrills and exhileration i'll take either of my two bikes any day of the week ( providing the weathers not crap) Seriously if you haven't got a bike licence/bike you have no idea what you are missing out on.
hugobear 4 February 2014

Bike takes guts

I own a Fireblade and a 911 and frankly there is no comparison. You point the car and it goes like stink. To ride a bike quickly takes a degree of courage and skill simply not involved when you drive a car. I've never got my C4S anywhere near what it can do on the road (100 mph feels like 60 on the bike) but I've scared myself witless at comparitively low speeds on the bike (not to mention pot-holes, and other road users).