1 October 2013

The Mazda MX-5 is one of our favourite affordable sports cars, but compared with the current crop of high-performance cars, it is beginning to feel a little outgunned. With that in mind, Northampton-based BBR has developed a turbo kit boosting power to 285bhp - slightly more than the Ford Focus ST. Mark Tisshaw takes the BBR-tuned MX-5 and the Ford Focus ST to Cadwell Park to see if the Mazda's extra grunt can overhaul the brawny Ford.

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Turismo 2 October 2013

Is there anything to say

Is there anything to say Autocar should not be about used tuned vehicles and their performance? It would be a stronger market allocation combined with existing content.

Cobnapint 1 October 2013

Wrong website

Is anybody on here actually bothered what the performance differences are between these two completely different types of modified vehicle?
Surely this piece should be on the Max Power website, not Autocar.

Citytiger 1 October 2013

Fairly obvious a rwd roadster

Fairly obvious a rwd roadster would be better at putting the power down than a fwd hatchback.