25 June 2013

Jaguar reveals the technical story behind its C-X75 hybrid hypercar

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William Miller 2 July 2013

Beautiful car!

This is a carbon fiber fairy-tail! I still can't believe that 1.6 L engine can give 500 hp! That's an enormous figure even for a turbochared and supercharged engine! Superb job! Well done!

p.s. It sounds like a V8, not less!


William - CARiD

businessman 30 June 2013

I throw this thought to you

I throw this thought to you jaguar, Would it not just be the most amazing achievement to have this car released and for sale in the same amounts as the above mentioned hyper cars and sell it for around £650,000. It would almost be like going back in time to when you released the E Type in geneva, with an absolutely stunning car all round and smashing the competition on every aspect.

peterover 27 June 2013

well the above comments after

well the above comments after watching that video.. Pretty much sums up my thoughts.

Stunning, but Jaguar are learning after the Xj220

Maybe the problem is resources, Jaguar has enough on its plate in developing its bread and butter models, if it wants to truely compete with the like of BMW, Audi and Mercedes.

Jaguar can do no wrong at the moment, 3 successful models along with a new direction, bit like Rover just before before BMW, except this time its a lot more substantial, no asset stripping, proper investment and owned by a anglophile company with a clear long term vision thats more than refining and redeveloping Hondas.

Will Jaguar learn from the X-type? and how about even smaller jaguars?

I hope jaguar finds its market somewhere between cars such as Bentley and the mass produced and the now very common german marques.

Jaguars have soul, they are either rapidly catching up with, or exceeding the big three in all key areas. 

Jaguars are cert more exclusive than the Big three, and should try and maintain that by ensuring demand always outstrips supply, enough for rock solid residues and a decent amount of exclusivity. 

However JLR still need higher volumes of production, Rover had 100,000 + buyers, mainly private, paying a premium and very loyal to the firm, right up to the end, even when the writing was on the wall and despite some real public gaffs. (replacing the highly successful 200 with the 400,, pricing strategy, paisley trim,  the larger cc K series engine, The BMW fiasco, R45, followed by the dodgy P4 and project Drive... Etc etc)

It seems in the UK ex Rover owners arent yet convinced by MG as a successor, its a China focused company at the moment, even though they are designed and engineered by ex MGR staff, which is quite rational as the China car market is growing rapidly and is massive compared to Europes.

Its dealer network is almost non-existent and the MG6, whilst a suprisingly good drive, esp the diesel, and great value, it is poorly placed in the market. Take a look at established Renaults withdrawal of the Laguna From the UK.

Those 100 000 Rover owners including me, would be a nice addition to JLR's balance and productivity sheets. 

A Rover based on the smaller JLR platform is quite credible.

It will allow Jaguar to keep valuable USP's such as RWD/4x4 and LR to return to its USP 4x4 models. 

Would also preserve Jaguars exclusivity and prestige, while allowing Rover to compete with the common smaller Audi's, BMW's and Merc's. .

SAIC/MG/Roewe has developed a market awareness in China for Rover.. Free of charge too.

so returning to topic, yep this halo car is a stunner and fantastic publicity, could be profitable if Jaguar made a few dozen and then sold at at a ridiculous price. And will assist Jaguars shift up market.

Just please dont cheapen the Jaguar brand, use Rover instead..