11 September 2013

It's the sheer size of the Frankfurt motor show that everyone always talks about. But this year, we could forgive the biannual show purely for the amazing amount of new metal on display. If March's Geneva motor show was all about hypercars, Frankfurt was all about cars you can buy, and ones that you'd want to buy. And that giant Brabus G-class six-wheeler.

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Cyborg 13 September 2013

Frankfurt highlights

3 cars stood out to me here, the Subaru WRX- the best looking Subaru in decades! The S-class coupe - again stunning! The first time in a very-very long time that I've lusted after a Merc! And finally the Porsche 918, but for the opposite reasons...a very dowdy looking car in my opinion with way-way too many fussy styling touches. Give me the choice of this or a Cayman or GT3 and I'd go for the latter Porsche's, even if they were giving it away!

Bobstardeluxe 11 September 2013

Ahem every time I try to play

Ahem every time I try to play this video it plays the Nissan GTR video?? Strange ..

bomb 11 September 2013


I couldn't tell you what the Opel Monza concept looked like, I got distracted.