28 June 2013

Lord Paul Drayson has set a new world land speed record for a sub-1000kg electric car, averaging more than 200mph in his converted Le Mans racer. Watch the record bid unfold...

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28 June 2013

Is it too lightweight? Too bumpy surface? Not really a very good design if its wobbling about that much, looks bait.

205mph from an 800bhp motor, with a presumably massive torque figure, not that impressive really, or am I missing something? A le mans prototype like this is designed for high downforce, not low drag coefficient is it not?

Why not design bespoke bodywork for the purposes of top speed?

Very negative post I do apologise. Smile

28 June 2013

... and a great stride for the electric cars after Mercedes SLS Electric Drive, Tesla Model S Peroformance, the discontinued Audi R8 e-tron and last but not the least the first mass produced electric car the Nissan Leaf.

28 June 2013

did Steve say 0 to 100 in 5.1 seconds!

Isn't that faster than the fastest, the Bugatti Veyron?

Correct me, if I'm wrong.

29 June 2013

No, not really, let me say first,it takes a brave bloke to drive a car down a rough looking runway,the car looks like it's shaking itself to bits,so, a long standing record has gone, what can't undersdtand is why it's taken so long?, the tech has been around to do it for ages, how come a privateer did it?,was there no interest in this record before?.On another note,i think Electric cars are going to have to have a car engine sound, because the record breaker sounds like a very powerful Milk float!, i'm not taking the Urine here, i just think that what a car sounds like ,has a lot to do with how you like your car.

29 June 2013

Impressive, but it would have been even better if he could have turned straight round and carried out the return run, instead of having to cool the thing down and recharge, untill electric vehicles have a genuine range they will never be anything more than a toy, the worry of running out of power is still to much of a risk, a conventional ICE vehicle can perhaps be repaired at the roadside if you breakdown, you cant recharge at the side of the road if you run out of electricity, an unforseen delay or traffic jam could cause chaos.  Diesel plug in Hybrids such as the Volvo V60 are the way ahead in my opinion. 

30 June 2013

It looks to me like the spring rate and/or damper settings are too high for that surface.  If they loosened it up I bet it would go faster...

1 July 2013

I think it should pipe out ice cream van sounds because that would evoke positive childhood memories.


Matthew Tortellini.

2 July 2013

I didn't know electic vehicles could drive so fast!! This acceleraition can compete the one of Veyron I reckon!


William - CARiD

8 July 2013

Not in my lifetime meaning other than technological exercises electric race cars will never find mainstream following. This cars does some cool stuff, but they will never stir the soul like the roar of a Mclaren 8.0 Litre M8F or the Shadow DN4A not to forget the mighty Porsche 917/30KL which to this day stands undefeated, how about the wail of a Ferrari 12, the list goes on and on. It's about the noise, the speed the smell guys. I live in the the Seattle area home of Unlimited Hydroplanes, I stopped going when the turbines came in, a bunch of vacuum cleaners, viewership is down, rules are being changed to make piston engines compeditive again. Sorry for going on but I have't read anyone else saying the truth. It's all abot the noise guys, alway has always will.


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