28 June 2013

Lord Paul Drayson has set a new world land speed record for a sub-1000kg electric car, averaging more than 200mph in his converted Le Mans racer. Watch the record bid unfold...

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Panzer 917-30 8 July 2013

Intersting, but not in my life.

Not in my lifetime meaning other than technological exercises electric race cars will never find mainstream following. This cars does some cool stuff, but they will never stir the soul like the roar of a Mclaren 8.0 Litre M8F or the Shadow DN4A not to forget the mighty Porsche 917/30KL which to this day stands undefeated, how about the wail of a Ferrari 12, the list goes on and on. It's about the noise, the speed the smell guys. I live in the the Seattle area home of Unlimited Hydroplanes, I stopped going when the turbines came in, a bunch of vacuum cleaners, viewership is down, rules are being changed to make piston engines compeditive again. Sorry for going on but I have't read anyone else saying the truth. It's all abot the noise guys, alway has always will.


William Miller 2 July 2013

So fast!

I didn't know electic vehicles could drive so fast!! This acceleraition can compete the one of Veyron I reckon!


William - CARiD

Matthew Tortellini 1 July 2013

Hmmmmmmmmmm! .....interesting

I think it should pipe out ice cream van sounds because that would evoke positive childhood memories.


Matthew Tortellini.