6 December 2013

As the 2015 Ford Mustang was announced, senior Ford management told their story of the car's design and development - and why it's such an important model for the firm. 

Ford Motor Company leaders discuss the importance of the all-new Ford Mustang in this official firm. Featuring in order: Bill Ford, Mark Fields, Jim Farley, Moray Callum, Raj Nair, Joe Hinrichs and Dave Pericak.

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Law007 8 December 2013

Try something new.

This car is the embodiment of everything I hate about american cars. Why do they talk about freedom and when they make it look just like the last one and the one before that ect.. just with a few changes. I mean fine keep some styling cues but is that really the best you can do. I love Japanese cars, they capture the spirit of the original but look nothing like them and make all American cars look so old fashioned, which to be honest they are. And before anyone starts banging on about the 911 looking the same, well that has the engine in the back and 4ish seats which pretty much dictates its styling and lets face it the 911 was more advanced underneath 10 years ago than the current Mustang is.